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Welcome to the Liberec Region

Technical and industrial heritage, traditional arts and crafts, castles, chateaux, important places of worship – all this characterises the mountainous region full of rivers, crystal clear waterfalls, ponds, rocks, high peaks and natural beauty. 

The Liberec Region lies in the north of the Czech Republic and is the country’s second smallest region after the capital city of Prague. The region is surrounded by Germany and Poland to the north, the Hradec Králové Region to the east, the Ústí nad Labem Region to the West and the Central Bohemian Region to the south. Part of the Krkonoše National Park is in the Liberec Region and there are also five protected landscape areas in the region: Kokořín Area, Lusatian Mountains, Central Bohemian Uplands, Jizera Mountains and Bohemian Paradise, which means that there are plenty of nature reserves and phenomena. It also boasts many educational trails and you can take in its beauty from more than two dozen lookout towers.

There are also many water reservoirs. The bigger ones include the drinking water reservoir Josefův Důl and others include Fojtka, Harcov and Mlýnice. A remarkable tourist attraction are the remains of the Desná dam – after its failure , the only thing that stands now is the ruptured dam and a solitary tower.

Some of the most visited monuments include the castle ruin Trosky, castle Bezděz, chateaux Lemberk, Frýdlant and Sychrov and the picturesque town hall in the regional capital of Liberec. Popular tourist destinations also include the Jizera Mountains and Jizerka village, the Krkonoše Mountains and the scenic Lusatian Mountains.

The Liberec region is a region of the Crystal Valley sprinkled with glassworks and jewellery makers, a region of five unique areas which you can explore with all your senses. You can feel rocks and ancient castles while wandering through the Bohemian Paradise. You can feel joy while experiencing the uniqueness of Mácha’s Region. You can hear the calling of the Jizera mountains and have an active holiday. You can feast your eyes on the Krkonoše Mountains and their magnificence and you can succumb to your adventurous spirit awoken by the Lusatian Mountains. The Liberec Region is a region with modern cities, rustic architecture and a place where breath-taking nature inspires passion for crafts and traditions. Liberec Region is a place you must experience.