Liberec Region
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Liberec Region

Welcome to the Liberec Region

Although the Liberec Region is the second smallest region in the Czech Republic, it undoubtedly has much to offer: its technical monuments, industry, traditional arts and crafts, castles, chateaux and important sacral architecture. All these attractions characterise our region situated in a mountainous landscape full of rivers, crystal-clear waterfalls, cliffs, high peaks and natural beauties.

The area is very attractive to tourists and the local natural monuments, silent witnesses of our ancient history, magical views and romantic valleys are often unique throughout the entire country.

It’s not an easy task to pick several specific examples. One popular and sought-after place is a rock outcrop named Popova Skála, a dominant feature of the eastern part of the Lusatian Mountains towering on a ridge above Hrádek nad Nisou. If you have some time to spare and would like to clear your head, sort out your thoughts or simply improve your fitness, it’s a great choice. Once on top, you gain a different perspective on things and can enjoy a view over a significant part of our region – from the Jizera Mountains and the Lusatian Mountains over Ještěd Ridge to the hills near Česká Lípa. Tatobity, on the way from Turnov to Lomnice nad Popelkou, is another unique viewpoint on the breathtaking panorama of the Bohemian Paradise.

Naturally, we cannot forget the local sights. Everyone likely knows Trosky and Sychrov castles, but there are many more lesser-known yet still remarkable buildings. Among them is Grabštejn Castle, almost a ruin 30 years ago, which miraculously rose from the dead and reopened.

There are many more places worth mentioning and discovering, such as countless charming villages and hamlets living a peaceful life in the countryside.

Liberec Region is simply a region you have to experience.