Game Production Workshops
International Festival of Animated Films, 7 - 12 May 2024, Czech Republic

Game Production Workshops

Business in Gaming from A to Z
Thursday 9 May, Liebieg Villa, Green Hall, Ground Floor

In collaboration with CzechInvest, Anifilm has prepared a series of workshops on business in the gaming industry. In four thematic sections, the participants, led by experienced professionals, will focus on the legal aspects of and marketing in the gaming industry, business development and, last but not least, the art of effectively presenting projects to potential investors.

The maximum capacity of each workshop is limited to 20 participants.


9.00–10.30 Workshop: Business Development

Do you know how to properly start your business? What should you focus on and how should you plan everything? How to get funding for your game? Game development is fun and provides creative fulfilment but don’t forget to come up with a thorough plan.

Speaker: Petr Kolář – Founder and CEO, Ashborne Games

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11.00–12.30 Workshop: Marketing in the gaming industry

There are thousands of games published each year. How should you promote your game to stand out? Can you do it by yourself or do you need a publisher? And can you rely on third-party marketing and PR?

Speaker: Petr Poláček – Marketing Director, Nine Rocks Games

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13.30–15.00 Workshop: How to pitch your project to investors or publishers

Do you need to impress publishers and investors to secure funding for your game? Do you know what they want to hear and what they (don’t) care about? Do you know how to prepare you pitch deck?

Speaker: Martin Vaňo – Founder, Czech School of Game Development GameDevHub

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15.30–17.00 Legal aspects in the gaming industry

Does it help to establish a company or are you better off without it? What are the pros and cons of a legal entity? And what about contracts with programmers? Do you have any other legal questions?

Speaker: Jaroslav Menčík – Partner, Mavericks Legal

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The event is supported by project Business Support, part of the National Recovery Plan, component 1.4 Digital economy and society, innovative start-ups and new technologies.