Czech Horizon, Awarded Films
International Festival of Animated Films, 7 - 12 May 2024, Czech Republic


The Best Czech Creation - Czech Television Award

(winner across all categories)

Tony, Shelly and the Magic Light

director: Filip Pošivač
Czech Republic, 2023, 82 min

Synopsis: After years of preparation and filming, Filip Pošivač’s puppet film Tony, Shelly and the Magic Light has come a long way and finally arrived in cinemas last year. The film takes place during the several days leading to Christmas in a gloomy apartment building. The building is occupied mostly by a collection of various dubious characters. But one of the building’s tenants, 11-year-old Tony, whose overprotective parents shield him from the outside world, is not like other children. Ever since he was born, he’s glowed. Events take an unexpected turn when new tenants move into one of the neighbouring apartments – a depressed retired lady who used to be a famous ballet dancer and her daughter Shelly. The building is full of weird floating dark wisps that grow thicker when the tension among the tenants builds up. Tony and Shelly decide to unravel this mystery. This thematically layered and atmospheric film made using traditional stop-motion animation boasts a remarkable artistic style and animation and its script stands out from ordinary family animated films. The film won the Contrechamp Jury Award at Annecy IFF.

2nd place Electra, director: Daria Kashcheeva
3rd place Veggierado, director: Jan Bubeníček


The Best Czech Short and Feature Film - PPF Foundation Award 

Tony, Shelly and the Magic Light

director: Filip Pošivač
Czech Republic, 2023, 82 min

2nd place About a Cow, director: Pavla Baštanová
3rd place Earth Episodes, director: Jan Míka


The Best Czech Student Film

(sound post-production worth 6000 EUR in BEEP studio)


director: Daria Kashcheeva
Czech Republic, 2024, 27 min

Synopsis: After the worldwide success of her film Daughter, FAMU student Daria Kashcheeva returns with a mesmerising film experience inspired by a classical theme. Using a combination of several animation techniques and live action, she dives deep into the titular heroine Electra, her memories, fantasies and dreams, which intertwine and pose the question whether our memory is a mere fiction or perhaps even a myth.

2nd place Humanity, director: Tereza Kovandová
3rd place Marie, director: Jan B. Piskač



The Best Czech Series


director: Jan Bubeníček
Czech Republic, 2023, 4 min      

Synopsis: This pilot of a series in development will teach us about guacamole. But don’t expect a recipe or instructions. In this wild western, the villainous Chilli Pepper kidnaps Mrs. Avocado. In order to make guacamole, our veggie heroes need to do some chopping. 

2nd place The Impact – ep. 4, directors: Ondřej Tešnar, Olga Šarovská
3rd place All That the Weather Can Do – Rain, director: Maria Procházková


The Best Czech Music Video

Prezident Lourajder: Lunapark

director: Matej Mihályi
Czech Republic, 2023, 4 min 

Synopsis: In this visually distinct and originally stylised music video, Prezident Lourajder takes us to a post-apocalyptic amusement park. The rides are terrifying and there is no one in the park except Lourajder. This music video is another collaboration between the Slovak rapper and Matej Mihályi.

2nd place Arkae: Tot Alles Is Opgelicht, directors: Ondřej Nedvěd, Vojta Komárek
3rd place Rozálie: Láva, director: Kristina Dufková


The Best Czech Commissioned Work

The Rapid Arrows Celebrates 85 Years

director: Marek Berger
Czech Republic, 2023, 1 min 

Synopsis: On 17 December 1938, Mladý hlasatel magazine published the first Rapid Arrows comic strip. To celebrate its 85th anniversary, director and graphic artist Marek Berger made this atmospheric music video for the Jaroslav Foglar Scout Foundation in which he recounts the iconic moments of Foglar’s ‘Stínadla trilogy’.

2nd place Erasmus: It Has Never Been Easier, directors: Michaela Režová, studio Panika
3rd place LUSTR 10, directors: Thanh Mai Tranová, Jáchym Štulíř, Patrik Trska, Alžběta Zemanová, Matej Mihályi