Citizens’ Association for the Support of Animated Film
International Festival of Animated Films, 7 - 12 May 2024, Czech Republic


Citizens’ Association for the Support of Animated Film

Festival in Liberec
The Citizen’s Association for the Support of Animated Film (OSPAF) has been organising the Anifilm International Festival of Animated Film since 2010. After the end of the AniFest Festival (2002 – 2013), the organising teams of both festivals merged. Since then, Anifilm editions are counted together with the years when AniFest was held. We are doing so out of respect to the tradition of this event which was organised largely by the same team and whose role in the history of Czech animation after 1989 remains crucial.

Apart from the festival, OSPAF continuously focuses mainly on distributing and promoting animation. One of the forms are the Festival Echoes – screened at various places throughout the Czech Republic. OSPAF has also founded the web portal Aniont, an online videotheque with selected authorial animation. At this portal, you can stream films for free and there is also a premium zone for the latest festival hits which makes Aniont a TVOD/VOD platform. The Association also helped to publish three DVDs with a complete selection of animated films by Jiří Brdečka. Since September 2018, under the label of Anifilm Distribution, OSPAF has also been a distributor of animated films in cinemas. OSPAF, as the organiser of Anifilm, has overseen publications accompanying festival exhibitions which represent a rather unique activity in this field. Exhibition catalogues such as Czech Animation after 89 (AnimaCZe po roce 89) can be perceived as standalone publications mapping a field in which there is no literature published

Animation Day
in Prague OSPAF also organised four Days of Czech Animation – one-day screening and presentation events held every autumn in Prague. Traditionally, the event is held on a date close to the International Day of Animation and the birthday of Professor Břetislav Pojar.



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