International Festival of Animated Films, 7 - 12 May 2024, Czech Republic




The Visual Identity of this year’s Anifilm stars clay
The visual identity of the upcoming edition of Anifilm was created by animators Eliška and Lee Oz from Oz Animation.“Thanks to clay, we discovered a style of animation which gives us a chance to have real fun. The focus of this year’s Anifilm will be films with environmental themes and we would like to address that in the festival jingle. We don’t want to be too didactic and so we’re looking to find a perfect balance between humour and a message. How else could we describe it without revealing too much? We will play with clay and eventually, it will move. We’ll have a shot and we’ll get to it,” says the Moravian-Israeli animator duo. Eliška and Lee Oz began their professional careers in 2016 and have been focusing on stop-motion, classical and 2D vector animation. And according to their own words, they enjoy every second of their work. Many of you already know their work thanks to Anifilm. Last year, they won the Anifilm Award for Best Czech Music Video

Planet A – Explore Your Home at Anifilm!
It could seem that the main theme of the 20th Anifilm International Festival of Animated Films in Liberec will not take us very far away. However, Planet Earth and its life in all its forms and environments is second to none of the fantastic worlds that are so typical for the medium of animation. Nature and environment are inseparable parts of our everyday lives that have been becoming more and more important in public discourse and for some time now also resonating in animation. By turning attention towards our home, Anifilm supports the need for a deeper reflection of the often creeping and ignored problems that have for decades been affecting the world as we know it. Thanks to its specificity and possibilities, animation offers a much more broad and attractive interpretation of the phenomenon of life on Earth than we are used to seeing in live-action and documentary films. An interpretation that will appeal to those who are traditionally reserved or sceptic towards environmental issues. Our varied selection of feature and short films includes testimonies of real problems, metaphoric essays, celebrations of nature and life on Earth and also parodies and subversive ironic films. Most of them will be included in Anifilm’s programme for grown-ups, but there will be a special programme for children and young adults. And as is customary for Anifilm, the theme will be reflected in our guest and expert programme. Try to look on our home from the outside, in a different way, without prejudice: through the medium of animated film!


Anifilm Launches the Sale of Earl-Bird Discounted Festival Passes
Those who will buy Anifilm Festival Passes by the end of February will receive them for a discounted price. The Visitor Festival Pass for the entire duration of the festival will cost only 24€ (if you wait until the festival, it will cost 40€). The Industry Festival Pass now costs only 60€ (instead of 80€). You can register and purchase your Festival Pass HERE. You can then pick up your Festival Pass in the Festival Centre at Chateau Liberec on the first festival day.


2020 Industry Programme Recordings at the Festival’s YouTube Channel
The Anifilm YouTube channel now offers recordings of selected events of the Anifilm 2020 Industry Programme. In his masterclass, sound engineer Juraj Mravec talks about the sound in a feature film for which he won the Czech Lion Award – Kuky Returns. Another masterclass, in Slovak, is called Windows to a Parallel Universe by artist known as Ctrl Shift Face whose realistic deep fake videos went viral around the world. In his practical masterclass Creative Approach to Computer Game Development, musician and multimedia artist Tomáš Dvořák alias FLOEX talks about his methods and experiences. Also the masterclass of one of the makers of the Simpsons, American director and animator David Silverman, is available on YouTube (in English). From the gaming section of our industry programme, you have a chance to see the unique perspective of Marta Fijak on System as a Narrative Tool: From Anecdote Generator to Movie Experience (in English). If you missed something in Liberec last year or just want to see some lectures again, simply head to our YouTube channel: HERE.

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