Petr Oukropec

In 1995 Petr Oukropec co-founded Negativ, one of the leading film production companies in the Czech Republic. It has produced more than 45 feature-length films – fiction, documentary and animation – which have won dozens of significant international awards. He also works as an educator at FAMU and he is involved in social and cultural projects in the village of Těchonice in the Pošumaví region, where he lives with his family. In 2012 he made his directorial debut with the internationally successful children’s film The Blue Tiger. In 2016 his second feature film, In Your Dreams!, premiered at Berlinale Generation 16+. In 2021 he finished his new children’s film, Martin and the Magical Forest.

Ivana Laučíková

Ivana Laučíková studied animation at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, where she later continued as an assistant professor. She founded a production company, feel me film, in 2006 and produced several award-winning animation shorts: Four (dir. Ivana Šebestová, 2007), The Last Bus (dir. Martin Snopek, Ivana Laučíková, 2011), Snow (dir. Ivana Šebestová, 2013), Fongopolis (dir. Joanna Kożuch, 2014). Laučíková’s most successful film, The Last Bus, has been awarded the Grand Prix at Stuttgart, Tampere FF, Animateka Ljubljana, Message to Man St. Petersburg, and the Golden Horseman in Dresden. She is also active in the field of animation writing and theory. She’s a founder and former editor in chief of Homo Felix, Journal of Animated Film.

Olga Bobrowska

Olga Bobrowska is a doctor of Humanities in Arts Studies. She is a scholar active in the fields of animation studies, film studies and cultural theory as well as being a film culture activist and curator. Bobrowska’s main fields of interest embrace studies in animation, propaganda, visual discourses of ideological doctrines, problems of politicised representation, theories of narrative, adaptation, feminism and Chinese Studies. She is a festival director and co-founder of the StopTrik International Film Festival (Maribor, Slovenia/Lodz, Poland). She serves frequently as a juror at various festivals and has been a member of selection committees. She participates regularly in international academic conferences and is an author of academic papers published in monographs and journals.


Alexandra Májová

Alexandra Májová is a Czech director, animator and illustrator. She studied
animated fi lm at FAMU in Prague and gained experience during a study
stay at the Department of Animation of the Estonian Academy of Arts in
Tallinn. Her student animated shorts Swimming Pool (2010) and Mythopolis
(2013) have won many awards in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. After
finishing her studies, she joined forces with Kateřina Karhánková and together
they directed a series for children titled Hungry Bear Tales (2021). A showcase
composed of several episodes of this show was nominated for Best Animated
Film at the Czech Lion Awards. Májová also recently finished her animated
short fi lm Washing Machine (2020), which competed at the Clermont-Ferrand
International Short Film Festival and won the award for Best Czech Animated
Short Film at last year’s Anifilm in Liberec.

Kate Jessop

Kate Jessop is a multi award-winning animation filmmaker whose work spans narrative shorts, artists’ films and comedy. She represented the UK in the Best of Women in Film and TV, was a Virgin Media Shorts Finalist and a Berlinale Talent Lab 2019 participant as both a director and with her comedy series Tales from Pussy Willow (2017) in the Project Lab. She has exhibited extensively internationally, undertaking artist residencies in Berlin, Istanbul and Reykjavik. She has over 10 years’ lecturing experience. Her paper on Animation as Activism has been presented at Goldsmiths College and Queering Animation, the fi rst ever conference on Queer Animation. She has a BA in Illustration and an MA in Digital Film and Animation.

Momoko Seto

Momoko Seto was born in Tokyo. She came to France to study fi ne arts at the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Marseille and the Studio National des Arts Contemporains of Le Fresnoy. She works at France’s CNRS (National Centre of Scientifi c Research) as a director; in addition she works on personal experimental films combining diff erent techniques to create an original and poetic world based on everyday life elements. Seto has directed many short films and documentaries that have been selected in several festivals worldwide and PLANET Σ received the Audi Short Film Award in Berlinale 2015, a prize that is awarded to a work of ‘high artistic


Vojtěch Domlátil

Director of independent animated films, animator, illustrator, graphic artist, writer and university pedagogue. At the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, he attended Studios of Illustration and Graphics and Film and TV Graphics and his graduation fi lm was the pilot episode of the puppet series Kitchen Tales (2013). His fi lms Life in Patterns (2017), Waves (2017), Yuku Aki (2018), Morning (2019) and Retired (2020) are regularly screened at prestigious international animation festivals where they are often included in non-narrative and experimental sections. Vojtěch Domlátil focuses on non-narrative dramaturgical work with material he records using stopmotion and hyperlapse (replacing) animation or hand-drawn full animation. He is interested in landscapes and the relation between real objects and space. Along with Jiří Barta, he is the head of the Studio of Animation at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.

Milan Cais

Musician and visual artist Milan Cais is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and focuses on music, sculpture, drawing, performance and video art. Has participated in many joint exhibitions in the Czech Republic as well as abroad and his work is represented in several collections. In 1988, he co-founded the band Tata Bojs. He is the band’s composer, singer, drummer, lyricist, graphic artist and producer. The band has released ten albums and, apart from many other accolades, won nine annual Anděl awards. Apart from Tata Bojs, Milan Cais composes music for film and theatre. He lives and works in Prague.

Lucie Jančová

Lucie Jančová is an AR & VR designer. In her work, she focuses on the relation of the viewer with the virtual environment and the role of characters in the experience itself. In her interactive stories, she uses her considerable experience with UX & UI. Lucie has been focusing on AR & VR since her graduation project at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. She later followed up on it during her time as an assistant at the school’s Studio of Graphic Design and Visual Communication. She subsequently worked in the U+ team on digital products for Czech and American start-ups and for the last two years, she’s been working as the art director of Brainz Immersive, where she creates AR & VR experiences for Czech and foreign clients.

International Competition of Independent Computer Games

Barbora Podhorská

Barbora Podhorská works as an illustrator for the Circus Atos studio. She studied Illustration at the Václav Hollar Art School and Animated and Interactive Art at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. She has illustrated and animated several smaller projects and has participated in several Global Game Jams in Prague. Her biggest project so far has been her own hidden object game Under Leaves awarded Best Visual at the Czech Game of the Year Awards 2017.

Cédric Babouche

Cédric Babouche graduated from L'École d'art Olivier de Serres and L'École Émile Cohl in Paris. His second short film, Imago (2005), was a landmark creation that would be selected and awarded at more than 130 festivals. He worked as artistic director on Rintaro’s Yona Yona Penguin (2009). He taught comics and animation at the Émile Cohl school. He later became director/artistic director of Dandeloo. In 2019, he founded the UN JE NE SAIS QUOI studio. He directed the series Little Houdini (2014) for France Télévisions, published the graphic novel Le Chant du cygne and has worked on animated feature film projects, including La Balade de Yaya (2011). He’s currently producing his fi rst video game, Dordogne.

Petr Motejzík

Petr Motejzík studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague under the tutelage of Vladimír Skrepl. In 2000, he initiated the formation of an artistic group named Rafani in which he was active until 2008. In 2004, he started to work as a graphic designer for Illusion Softworks in Brno on the Mafia II project. After successfully fi nishing and releasing the game, he moved on to Madfi nger Games in 2011 (projects Shadowgun, Shadowgun: Dead Zone, Dead Trigger 1–2, Unkilled, Monzo and more). Since 2015, he’s been working as Art Director in Bohemia Interactive on projects Argo and Vigor, and currently he’s also part of the Hangar 13 team, which fi nished Mafia: Definitive Edition last year.