Hygienic and epidemiological measures during the Anifilm 2020

With regards to the current situation, we are fully aware of the risk ensuing from the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. This year’s edition of Anifilm International Festival of Animated Films will therefore adhere to strict safety measures and valid hygienic measures aimed to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

For the purpose of keeping a database of contacts and possible tracking, each Anifilm visitor needs to buy a festival pass enabling them attendance to all festival places of this year’s festival. You will also need a festival pass to be admitted to free festival events – for this purpose, we have created a new festival pass type Visitor Basic.

With regards to the current regulations issued by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, every visitor is required to wear a face mask at indoor locations at all times. We also appeal to:

  • Respecting hygienic measures
  • Respecting safety measures
  • Keeping safe distances
  • Considering your health and condition
  • Utmost consideration for others and collaboration

For this year, we have significantly increased the intensity of cleaning and the premises are regularly disinfected after each programme block. The festival places will offer disposable face masks and contactless stands with biocidal agent. At every festival spot and accommodation, there will be a notice board recapitulating current hygienic and safety measures. In case of any symptoms, we ask the visitors to refrain from contact with other visitors and immediately contact their physician or the Regional Hygiene Station in Liberec.

We observe the situation carefully and conform to current regulations. We are in touch with the Regional Hygiene Station and consult every measure and our overall approach. We ask for your patience and understanding in case of sudden changes, every measure we take is to secure a smooth and safe course of Anifilm!

The complete hygienic - epidemiological plan can be downloaded here.