Festival statutes

7thInternational Festival of Animated Films Anifilm, May 3rd - 8th 2016, Třeboň, Czech Republic 

1. The aim of International Festival of Animated Films ANIFILM Třeboň is to preserve and help develop the cultural heritage of Czech animated film, with an emphasis on sustainable development, popularization and publicizing of animated film and raising general awareness about the possibilities of animation – cultural, economic and social development. We want to initiate and support intercultural cooperation in the field of animated film and organize expert seminars and animation workshops. 

2. Anifilm is organized and promoted by the Citizens’ Association for the Support of Animated Film; company address: Hradešínská 6, 101 00 Praha 10, Czech Republic; telephone/fax number: +420 257 534 646; e-mail: program@anifilm.cz; website: www.anifilm.cz

3. The seventh edition of Anifilm will take place in Třeboň from 3rdto 8th May 2016. 

4. Competition programme of Anifilm consists of the following categories: 

International Competition of Feature Films
The main competition of the festival is divided into two categories: Films for Grown-ups and Films for Children. A feature film is a film longer than 60 minutes.

International Competition of Short Films
This competition section presents several blocks of animated short films made by professionals. A short film is a film which is not longer than 50 minutes.

International Competition of Student Films
The films can be submitted to the competition via our online application form by schools or students themselves.

International Competition of Music Videos
Competition of commissioned works as well as fan-made videos for concrete songs.

International competition of abstract and non-narrative animation 
Unconfined audio-visual works using the principles of animation in the widest extent possible. 

5. Only films made after January 1st 2015 can enter the competition. Films selected for the competition will be assessed by the selection committee. Each participant who submitted a film is then informed about the result. 

6. All films in the programme are screened in their original language and must be provided with English subtitles by the party submitting the film. 

7. Costs of the transportation of the film prints and promotion materials from the country of origin to the post office in Prague and the costs of travel insurance are covered by the participant, if not arranged otherwise. The costs of insurance for loss and partial damage or complete destruction of the film print for the period starting when the festival receives the film print and ending when the festival hands the film print over to the carrier are covered by the festival. In the case of loss or destruction of the film print during the festival the festival is only responsible for the costs involved in making a new print based on the current laboratory rates for ordering a standard print. All complaints concerning the technical condition of the returned film print must be registered with the festival within one month after receiving the film print. 

8. The films are selected by a committee of experts, which constitutes the advisory body of the festivals’ Programme Council. Committee is authorized to move films into other category than it was selected by submitter. The producer or the world sales company cannot withdraw the film from the festival once its showing has been officially confirmed.
9. The international jury consists of distinguished representatives of culture, film production, and theory; and of film reviewers, filmmakers and producers. A special international jury will be assembled for each of the competition sections. A person who has taken part in the production of any of the films in the given competition cannot become a member of the jury. All the members of the jury are bound by secrecy. The President and the Programming Director of the festival or their deputies may attend the jury sessions, but do not take part in the voting. 

10. The jurors give out the following awards:

a) The Award for the Best Feature Film for Grown-Ups comes with a financial prize of 1000 EUR.
b) The Award for the Best Feature Film for Children comes with a financial prize of 1000 EUR.
c) The Award for the Best Short Film comes with a financial prize of 1000 EUR.
d) The Award for the Best Film in the International Student Competition comes with a financial prize of 1000 EUR.
e) The Award for the Best Film in theInternational Competition of Music Videoscomes with a financial prize of 500 EUR.
f) The Award for the Best Animation in the International competition for abstract and non-narrative animation comes with a financial prize of500 EUR. 

The jury can also award one Special Appreciation Award in each category. 

The financial prize is to be shared by the director and the producer of the awarded film and will be sent by bank transfer not later than two months from the end of the festival. If the holder of the rights for the audio-visual works provides the work for screening for a fee, it shall be deduced from the potential financial reward. 

11. Awarded authors are expected to attend the Closing Ceremony during which the awards are announced, and to mention the Award in the promoting materials of the film, both in their country of origin and abroad. 

12. In ambiguous or unclear situations and cases unforeseen by the statutes, the President of the International Festival of Animated Films ANIFILM is to take the corresponding decision, in accordance with international statutes. The organizer reserves the right to change these statutes in exceptionally serious cases. 

13. By participating in the festival you accept these statutes. 


Competition Rules 

The competition of International Festival of Animated Films ANIFILM is governed by the Festival statutes and the Competition rules. The film is accepted into the competition on condition that: 

1. It was completed after January 1st 2015. 

2. More than 50% of the film is animation; the animation technology used in the film is not restricted. 

3. The submitted film did not take part in the Anifilm festival competition in the preceding year. 

4. All competition sections accept films in a good technical condition, in the following formats, in a quality fit for screening in cinemas:

5. One film can be submitted only to one competition category. 

6. The films for the competition are selected by a selection committee, see Statutes 8).  

7. The selected films are evaluated by an international jury, see Statutes 9). 

8. The competition is announced on 1st of September 2015, the application submission deadline is set on15th of January 2016. 

9. Possibilities of the filmdelivery: 

a) Submit the film by sending a link to download it from a file sharing server (Úschovna.cz, WeTransfer, MyAirbridge…) to shipping@anifilm.cz. 

b) Upload the film to our FTP server. For login and password, please contact us: program@anifilm.cz. 

c) Send apreview DVD with the film to the address: Anifilm, Valdštejnskénáměstí 2, 118 00, Praha 1, Czech Republic 

10. The decision of the selection committee regarding the films selected for the competition will be announced by  28thFebruary 2016 and the list of selected films will be published on the festival’s website www.anifilm.cz. The authors of the selected films will be afterwards requested to provide materials for the catalogue (photo, credits etc). 

11. The selected films must be delivered to the festival by 31stMarch 2016 at the latest. This deadline must be respected in all cases. The participant is bound to comply with the film print transportation instructions.  

12. The producer of the film to be screened at the festival must be authorized to screen the film at the festival and to handle the film.


Competition sections

  1. International Competition of Feature Films
    1. Films for Grown-Ups
    2. Films for Children
  2. International Competition of Short Films
  3. International Competition of Student Films
  4. International Competition of Musicvideos
  5. International competition of abstract and non-narrative animation