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And the winners are... A happy end to Anifilm

anifilm-2016 - Happy End - stills from the film [255126].png

Yesterday at the festival’s closing ceremony, we learned who was awarded by our international juries. The feature film category was judged by Jan Pístecký, Nourredin Zarrinkelk and Javier Mariscal. The award for the best film for grown-ups went to Anomalisa (Duke Johnson and Charlie Kaufman). The jurors commented on their choice as follows: “A very unique film with a tone seldom expressed in animation. It tells its story with stylized, yet disturbingly realistic technique.” Special mention in this category went to the rotoscoped film Cafard. This year’s best feature film for children is the French-Belgian Phantom Boy. Special mention went to another French film Adama, which takes place during WWI.

Short and student films were judged by Rosto, Jan Pinkava and Chintis Lundgren. Best short film was again awarded to a French film – Peripheria by David Coquard-Dassault. The jury considers it “a masterful portrayal of abandonment. With each irresistible image the atmosphere grows more and more tense and the narrative almost seems to move forward on its own. Perfect.”

To the delight of Czech animators, the award for the best student film went to Happy End by Jan Saska. “This film knows what it wants and how to get it. Its surprising and adventurous storytelling combined with a clever sense of humour had us enjoying the film almost as much as it enjoys itself,” commented the jurors. Special mention was awarded to the Croatian film Wolf Games.

The remaining categories were judged by Vera Neubauer, Ondřej Švadlena and Carolina López. The best music video award went to the The Eye of the Storm, and the award for the best film in the abstract and non-narrative category was awarded to Absent. And last but not least, the best Czech film of the festival was chosen by the festivalgoers themselves, who decided to give the award to the puppet-animated Deep in Moss.

Click here to find the overview of all the winning films.

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Tips for Saturday


Karel Zeman, as you may not know him - 11:30 a.m. in the Schwarzenberg Hall

Come and see Film Adventurer Karel Zeman, a unique documentary about the pioneer of special film effects! Some of Zeman’s most famous “disciples”, such as Terry Gilliam, Tim Burton or Koji Yamamura, appear in the film to express their admiration of the author and event to confess that they not only draw on Zeman’s style but also like to “copy” him from time to time.


Broaden your horizons - 1 p.m. at the J. K. Tyl Theatre

The screening series of new Czech films entitled Czech Horizon II. is accompanied by Czech films competing in the international competition. All these films will be vying for your votes in the battle for the viewers’ choice award for the best Czech film of the festival! Czech animation had a really good year – the screening includes for example the highly artistic postgraduate film Orfea, the puppet-animated slapstick-tragedy BabyBox and a new music video for the band The Tap Tap.


Coffee with the animators - 1:30 p.m. in the House of Animation

It has already become an Anifilm tradition to hold moderated meetings with the authors of films competing at the festival. This year will be no exception. The last meeting takes place today at half past one on the ground floor of the House of Animation, so be sure not to miss it! Not only can you personally meet and get to know the directors whose films made it to the competition, but also enjoy a cup of coffee on the house.


KIV. What can it be?

As you surely know, this year is the 700th anniversary of the birth of one of the most inspiring figures of Czech and European history – Charles IV. What you may not know yet is that Czech Television prepared a real treat for the anniversary: an interactive comics with game elements. The project will be introduced by the authors themselves, including the graphic artist Matyáš Trnka, today at 2:30 p.m. at the Puppet. Their concept combines classic drawing, elements of traditional animation and slow narration with the interactivity of games. The project primarily aims to interest people in Charles IV – the man and in the atmosphere of the High Middle Ages, which the Holy Roman Emperor embodies for us.

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Tips for Friday


Beyond animation  - 5:30 and 7:30 at the Puppet Theatre

In the afternoon, the Puppet Theatre will host two interesting lecture-presentations with demonstrations. Puppeteering Pixels, beginning at 5:30 p.m., will be given by one of our jurors Jakub Pistecký, a film special effects specialist, who works for the famous Industrial Light & Magic studio in the US. His presentation will include a peek at the production of the latest instalment of Marvel’s Avengers film series. At 7:30 p.m. Jan Pinkava will give a lecture entitled Interactive Movies Through the Looking Glass. The focus will be on something entirely different – live interactive demonstrations of both earlier and recent additions to the Google Spotlight Stories project.


Animation all'italiana - 3 p.m. in the Schwarzenberg Hall

Take the opportunity to see for yourselves that contemporary Italian production of animated author films lags in no way behind the rest of Europe – on the contrary, Italian films are often original and fresh. The curator Andrea Martignoni will introduce Animazioni 4, a new DVD collection of animated films featuring a wide variety of animation styles.


Psychedelics without borders - 8:30 p.m. at the J. K. Tyl Theatre

Our recommendation for tonight to all the bold viewers who don’t flinch from dark, psychedelic and surreal films is the programme by our juror Rosto. There is nothing like the suggestive films by this independent artist, musician, graphic artist, illustrator, animator and director (music to which he composes himself).

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Winners of the VAF


The Visegrad Animation Forum (VAF), the industry section of Anifilm, awarded its winning projects yesterday at the closing ceremony. The winner of the Short Film category is the French-Hungarian project entitled Carpel by the director duo Tibor Bánóczki and Sarolta Szabó. The Special Jury Award in the category went to the Romanian project Somewhere, directed by Paul Muresano.

In the TV Series category, the jury chose the Hungarian-Croatian project The Piracy of Princess Priceless by the director Flora Anna Buda and Mr. Balazs Turai. The Special Jury Award in this category was awarded to the Hungarian project entitled Borka and the Magic Dress by Beáta Gurmai.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Tips for Thursday

Lisa Lemone

A refreshing citrus duo 4:30 p.m. at Roháč – ČT Hall

Some of you may have seen the captivating Estonian puppet opera Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange: A Rapid Love Story a few years ago in our international competition. Now the citruses return to Anifilm to represent this year’s theme Where is My Home. The feature-length film combines elaborate comic situations and video sequences with charming hand animation as it critically deals with the topics of racism, xenophobia and refugees fleeing to Europe.


Anifilm and the VAF: Works in Progress 3 p.m. at the Puppet Theatre

What animated feature films can we look forward to? The story of the eaters of odd socks is nearing the finish line and will premier in half a year (The Odd-Sock Eaters, dir. G. Miklínová). On the contrary, the puppet animated fairy tale Tonda, Slávka and the Genius (dir. B. Valecká and F. Pošivač) is just in the first stages of development. Foreign projects are represented by the Estonian film Morten (dir. K. Jancis and R. Unt) and the Hungarian film White Plastic Sky (dir. T. Bánóczki and S. Szabó).


A sailor’s world premier 8:30 p.m. at the J. K. Tyl Theatre

Fans of Paul Fierlinger are in for a treat tonight – a world premiere of his extraordinary 120-minute feature film, which combines animation with comics. The film is an adaptation of an autobiography by the American sailor Joshua Slocum, who was the first man to single-handedly circumnavigate the world and who described his experience in the bestseller Sailing Alone Around the World (1900).

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Vote for the best Czech film of the festival!


A novelty in this year’s programme is a showcase of contemporary Czech animation screened in our new section called Czech Horizons. This showcase is our reaction to a very positive phenomenon – the increased number of high-quality new Czech films – and will be complemented by domestic films from the international competition. The section will also introduce a new award – the Viewers‘ Choice Award. The viewers have a chance to vote for the best Czech film of the festival out of approx. 30 competition films. The viewers can cast their votes electronically during the whole festival (deadline is on Saturday inthe afternoon) or personally in Guest Service in the House fo Animation. The results will be announced at the festival closing ceremony.

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Download our festival App for free


Download our festival App for free

We have just published this edition’s festival App for those who like to keep track of things on their smartphones. Download it for free and get information about the programme, individual films, programme changes, news and a map of the festival venues.

Download the app here:

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/anifilm-2016/id989898845?l=cs&ls=1&mt=8 
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cz.ackee.a4f.anifilm 

App was prepared in co-operation with Ackee.

28|04 news


The Anifilm Programme is On-Line


Our festival programme is on-line! Don’t hesitate to go through it and pick programmes you would like to visit. The entire programme can be found here. You can navigate through days you plan to spend in Třeboň or choose from individual sections. All programmes are divided into film, non-film, competition and accompanying programmes. After clicking on a concrete programme, you will also find information about its possible re-runs.

28|04 news


Anifilm to Award Václav Mergl


Graphic artist, screenwriter and director Václav Mergl will be presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the opening gala of this year’s Anifilm. Václav Mergl is a distinctive artist whose style significantly enriched Czech animation with elements of sci-fi but mainly with original films with philosophical dimension and an artistic style which is not reduced to a mere formal device. Anifilm will remember Mergl’s animated films with a screening of his films a screened mostly from film-strips. The festival will also screen a showcase of Mergl’s films for children made in cooperation with his wife Pavla. A special lecture by pedagogue and theorist Vladimír Suchánek will put Mergl’s work in a very interesting context and a unique exhibition in Dům Štěpánka Netolického called Sequence of Stopped Time will show the connection of Mergl’s other artworks with his animated films. The exhibition, prepared in cooperation with the Aleš South Bohemian Gallery, will be open until 20th June.

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Lectures, Presentations, Workshops...


Anifilm lets you not only watch films, but also offers you unique behind-the-scenes looks, lectures on the history of film and popular animation workshops. Don’t forget to pick up our Industry Guide, which will guide you through our professional programme in Třeboň. You can visit for example Michaela Mertová’s lecture Interwar Migrants in Czechoslovak Animated Film, specialized presentations by the Czech Television, 3D Animation Workshop and our traditional presentations of films in development called Works in Progress – this time from various European countries and in cooperation with VAF. The festival will also offer a unique opportunity to take a sneak peek behind the scenes of tricks and effects of American films (including the last film of Marvel’s Avengers series) with Jakub Pistecký from the famous studio Industrial Light & Magic. The boundaries of animation, which is leaving cinemas and finding new homes in smartphones and the internet, will be explored with Jan Pinkava. His lecture will include live interactive examples of older as well as newer additions of the Google Spotlight Stories project. And our Game Day will reveal some of the secrets from the world of computer games.

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New Italian Animation


Anifilm’s accompanying programme will be invigorated by a selection of new (not only) Italian animation presented by curator Andrea Martignoni. Together with Paola Bristot, he participates in publishing regular DVD anthologies of contemporary Italian animation. And that Italian animation is progressive and alive, is proven by the fact that this is already the fourth collection. The DVD introduces films of various genres from musical films through experimental films to a film about dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch by one of the most prolific Italian animators Michele Bernardi.

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Festival Passes... How and where to get them?

The festival passes are sold exclusively in the festival centre in the House of Animation at the Masaryk Square 20, Třeboň from 3rd to 7th May, 8:30 to 20:00. The prices of the festival passes range from 150 to 500 CZK, discounted passes are offered upon presenting a valid ID entitling its holder to a discount (students, seniors, disabled). With the festival pass, you need to pick up your tickets for individual screenings in the ticket office of the J.K.Tyl Theatre – only for screenings of the given and the following day. The ticket office opening hours are between 3rd and 7th May 2016 from 8:30 to 20:00 and on Sunday 8th May from 8:30 to 11:00. The festival pass entitles its holder to four tickets to four individual screenings per day. You can buy individual tickets also without a festival pass – each ticket is 50 CZK. Some programmes offer free admission (e.g. midnight animation, open-air screenings at the Masaryk Square, screenings for children in the Roháč – ČT Hall, some programmes and workshops in the House of Animation etc.)

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Also this year the festival will offer a packed musical accompanying programme. The performances will move to a more intimate atmosphere of the Music Club Tunel. The premises of the club will host some of last year’s most interesting Czech bands and performers. Among them are HRTL, the Anděl award winner for the best electronic performance, Dizzcock, the Vinyl award winner for the album of the year, and Dominik Zezula performing under the stage name Děti mezi reprákama nominated for the Vinyl award. You will have a chance to see bands Červen and India who made it to the list of bands who will shake the Czech musical scene according to the server Aktuálně.cz. After two years, Mutanti Hledaj Východisko return to Třeboň along with their discotheque. Czech line-up will be supplemented by an electro-math-rock trio from St. Petersburg – Penguinsmeat. They are currently on a tour through Europe and Anifilm is one of their stops. And that’s not all! More information here.

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Theme of this year’s Anifilm: Where is My Home?


The accompanying programme of this year’s Anifilm will be dedicated to the phenomenon of migration. This broad theme is not supposed to be just a reaction to the current migrant influx – in our concept, the issue of migration is much wider and also includes the partial motives such as political and economic exile, the issue of human identity, the search for one’s roots and the ephemerality of geographic borders. The selection of guests naturally reflects the Czech experience so we can trace a connection to our country in the lives of most of our guests. Another level is our lecture and film programme which will include reflections of individual aspects of migration and related phenomena as well as contemporary topical reflections of the migration crisis.
Also our jury members were selected with the festival’s theme in mind. “Czech footprints” in the world are represented by Jan Pinkava, Czech graphic artist and director who left Czechoslovakia with his parents in the late 1960s, Vera Neubauer, who was born and studied in Prague, Zlín-native Jakub Pistecký, who emigrated to Canada with his family, as did Ondřej Švadlena. Another member of our jury will be Dutch artist Rosto, whose grandfather was Czech.
Unfortunately, not all of the guests invited can visit our festival in person, so we will remember some of them through their animated films. Let us mention for example the work of Paul Fierlinger. He was born in Japan to Czech parents, grew up in the United States and after the war moved to Czechoslovakia to defect back West in the second half of the 1960s. Anifilm will present his personal films looking back on his troubled past as well as the premiere of his latest film Slocum at Sea with Himself co-directed with Sandra Fierlinger.

14|04 news


Introducing our Festival Centre: House of Animation


Visitors of last year’s Anifilm certainly remember the premises of the former town hall in the lower part of the square. This historical building with a very specific atmosphere had been empty for years but last year, it became a living festival centre. Beginning with this year, this original space brought back to life by the festival will bear the name House of Animation and will be filled with animation from floor to ceiling. The first steps of all festival visitors will lead there as they will be picking up their festival passes in the House of Animation. During the whole festival, it will host various workshops (3D animation, computer games animation, the popular KREUS workshop and, for the first time ever at Anifilm, workshop in film puppets casting), demonstrations of 3D printing and a whole floor will host this year’s Game Day which will give you an opportunity to play computer games nominated for the Czech Game of the Year award (including the third game from the cult series Samorost by Amanita Design). The space itself will also be animated by a special interactive installation by Dan Gregor – a computer game which will make you move. Last but not least, the House of Animation will host discussions with authors competing at Anifilm. And parents will definitely appreciate our kid’s corner. 

14|04 news


New Czech Film Puppets at Anifilm


In the context of Czech animation, we perceive the efforts to produce an artistically elaborate film for children as rather difficult and praiseworthy. We would like to draw attention to such efforts also in our accompanying programme. One of the festival’s accompanying exhibitions will be dedicated to original and artistically refined puppets from new Czech animated films. You will see puppets and sceneries from the series Stories about Mommy and Daddy which was recently broadcast by the Czech television. The puppets with an original visual stylization were designed by director Kristina Dufková herself. Another part of the exhibition presents the decorations and forest elves puppets from the new film Deep in Moss by Bára Valecká and Filip Pošivač. They will be supplemented by two exhibits of magical puppets of water nymphs and mushrooms. Both Stories about Mommy and Daddy and Deep in Moss will be screened at this year’s Anifilm. Don’t miss this unique chance to see the puppets with your own eyes! 

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Don’t forget our Expert Programme

odborný program

The festival visitors will also have a chance to take some behind-the-scenes looks. In a series of lectures and workshops, they will learn much from the history, theory and practice of world animation from real masters in the field. Canadian curator Marco de Blois will explain the influence of Břetislav Pojar on the Canadian animation – an influence that many viewers don’t realise; the life and work of Paul Fierlinger will be addressed by Kristýna Erbenová and Petr Bilík who interviewed him for their book. Carolina López, a member of our jury, will focus on social and cultural influences in Spanish animation and Lukáš Gregor from the University of Tomáš Baťa in Zlín will talk about poetics in the work of Hermína Týrlová. And our traditional making-of programme will this year focus on the Academy Award-nominated film Chico & Rita. The film will be introduced by Spanish graphic artist Javier Mariscal who worked on it. Members of the State Cinematography Fund Board will introduce the Board’s priorities regarding animated film and the whole subsidy system, its function and the possibilities of obtaining subsidies for production, distribution and propagation of animated film. There are more expert programmes to come, more information can be found in our next newsletter.

14|04 news


Also Children have something to look forward to

pro děti

Our child visitors can enjoy this year’s festival to the fullest not only as viewers but also as young animators. The Roháč Culture Centre will, except screenings, once again organise popular animation workshops. The kids will have a chance to try what it’s like to be a screenwriter, graphic artist, director and animator. They can try various manual and computer animation techniques under the supervision of expert lecturers. The hall of the culture centre and other festival venues will meanwhile screen both feature and short films for children. They can look forward to the new feature film about the tinkers Pat and Mat and films, bedtime stories and serials from recent years. They will see for example the visually captivating award-winning Slovak series Mimi and Lisa (directed by Katarína Kerekesová) and take part in a literary-screening programme with director and graphic artist Galina Miklínová who will introduce The Odd-Sock Eaters and screen previews from the film which will be soon finished. And also Adventure Time will come. 

22|03 news


Film Celebrities from All over the World in our Juries


As every year, Anifilm has invited famous personalities from the world of animation. Whether as directors, animators, designers or curators, our guests have definitely made an impact on the world of animation and are often considered as trend-setters. Each jury will consist of three members who will choose the best of the best but also present their own work. Our invitation has been accepted by Nourredin Zarrinkelk, the world-renowned founder of Iranian animation. As a teacher in the United States, Zarrinkelk has helped to raise a number of his successors. In Třeboň, he will also present some of the films by his students. Another distinguished guest will be Jakub Pistecký, Czech animator and visual effects artist working in the famous studio Industrial Light & Magic. Jakub worked on many blockbusters including Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean. Anifilm will also welcome the renowned Estonian director Chintis Lundgren who is known for her distinct style and extraordinary stories. Graphic artists and designers will be represented in our jury by Javier Mariscal, one of Spain’s most influential designers. He was nominated for an Academy award for his feature film Chico and Rita. Also Czech globe-trotter Ondřej Švadlena, 3D computer animation innovator and a student of Jiří Barta will pay a visit to Anifilm. The juries will surely benefit from the historical-theoretic perspectives supplied by curator Carolina López who has cooperated with a number of festivals and galleries. Another Czech filmmaker residing abroad is animator Jan Pinkava who worked in Pixar studios and won an Academy Award for his short film Geri’s Game. Eighth member of our juries will be Vera Neubauer, independent director, graphic artist and two-time winner of the prestigious British BAFTA award. Last but not least, our festival will be visited by one of the most famous and progressive Dutch filmmakers Rosto, author of the ambitious animated musical with Tom Waits and Terry Gilliam The Monster of Nix.

22|03 news


“From Doodles to Pixels” – Focus on Spain


Exploring the animated cinema of various foreign countries has become an inseparable part of the festival programme. This year, we focus on the highly developed Spanish cinema that has in recent years produced a number of very successful feature films. One of them – Possessed (Pos Eso) – is our festival winner from last year. Other successful titles include also Chico & Rita. Graphic artist and the film’s director Javier Mariscal is a member of our jury. He will acquaint the audiences with the techniques he used while portraying period Cuba.

Carolina López has prepared an exciting programme recapitulating various phenomena from the history of Spanish animation. Her presentation maps the very beginnings of the country’s animated cinema from the beginning of the 20th century (e.g. Segundo de Chomóna, among other things), continues through modern influences from the 1960’s and award-winning art films to the phenomena of the new millennium – the work of authors who followed up their success in Spain and joined big American studios (e.g. Charlie Ramos). This, as well as many other interesting aspects of contemporary Spanish production, will be explained by Carolina López in a special presentation focused on socio-political influences of animation in a country which has gone through much economic and national turbulence. The programme focusing on Spain is supported by the Spanish Embassy in Prague in cooperation with the Cervantes Institute and Acción Cultural Española (AC/E).

22|03 news


New Czech Animation and the Viewers‘ Choice Award on the Horizon

česká soutěž

A novelty in this year’s programme is a showcase of contemporary Czech animation screened in our new section called Czech Horizons. This showcase is our reaction to a very positive phenomenon – the increased number of high-quality new Czech films – and will be complemented by domestic films from the international competition. The section will also introduce a new award – the Viewers‘ Choice Award. The viewers will have a chance to vote for the best Czech film of the festival out of approx. 30 competition films. The viewers can cast their votes electronically during the whole festival. The results will be announced at the festival closing ceremony. We will keep you informed about other details, competition films and the voting system.

22|03 news


VAF Sending 25 Projects to the Final of the Pitching Competition


The competition for the best project in development in the categories of short films and TV series knows its finalists. The pre-selection committee composed by professionals from five countries organizing the VAF decided to increase the number of projects advancing the pitching competition due to the high quality of the submissions. From almost a hundred projects, 13 short films and 12 TV series made it into the main competition. The pitching sessions will be preceded by workshops led by expert tutors. The filmmakers will have a chance to discuss or fine–tune the strengths and weaknesses of all projects as well as best pitching strategies. After the pitch, each participating project team will meet the members of the jury (experienced film professionals and/or film and TV executives) and get their feedback. The final pitch will take place on 4th May for the category of TV series and the short films will be presented on 5th May in Třeboň.

22|03 news


How to Apply for Grants for Animated films? Use the State Cinematography Fund’s Offer or Wait for Anifilm


Are you planning to make an animated film and still haven’t secured funding? From 25th February to 25th March you can submit your application to the State Cinematography Fund. A total of 6 million CZK will be divided among chosen projects as a part of the “Complete development of Czech animated cinematography work” programme. All the necessary information can be found here (http://fondkinematografie.cz/assets/media/files/vyzvy/unor2016/2016-1-2-6%20vyzva%20vyvoj%20animovany.pdf).

We would also like to invite everyone who is interested in this offer to a special presentation at Anifilm. Representatives of the State Cinematography Fund will introduce the fund’s policy towards young filmmakers and explain the application process. Thanks to a government subsidy, the fund has gained access to 350 million CZK to support Czech cinematography and the Fund Board responsible for the grant allocation has prepared a new long-term plan how to dispose of the money. The members will introduce the board’s priorities regarding animated films as well as the new grant system, its rules and possibilities of obtaining grants for production, distribution and propagation of animated films.

22|03 news


Win a 3D Print of your Model with Anifilm!

3D tisk

Anifilm closely follows all technological improvements in the world of animation and so the festival will introduce the phenomenon of 3D print to its visitors. Thanks to a presentation by MakersLab, you will have a chance to get a first-hand experience with 3D print at the festival. And that’s not all! You can enter our exclusive contest for a 3D print of your own work (maximum 15 cm long, 15 cm wide and 18 cm high). Send us your print-ready model in an *.STL file until 15th April, specifications can be found here: http://www.makerslab.cz/blog/2015/09/prirucka-pro-designery/, programme instructions here: http://www.makerslab.cz/blog/2016/01/manual-pro-designery-navrhare-a-3d-modelare/.

Three best models will be printed, their authors rewarded with a festival pass and their works presented to them on Saturday 7th May in the old town hall.

17|02 news


Anifilm’s competition to include the very best


At the end of January, selection committee of the International Film Festival Anifilm convened to go through almost 1300 films and chose films for the upcoming festival. The committee spent dozens of hours watching various films and eventually shortlisted 128 of them (roughly a 10 % extract of the most interesting films). The complete list of selected films you can find here.

Features' category dominated by France

This year’s Anifilm main competition section is bound to include Charlie Kaufman’s excursion to the world of animation Anomalisa. But the award can also go to the Spanish surprise Psiconautas, the Forgotten Children by Pedro Rivero and Alberto Vázquez. The category is however dominated by the traditional animation power. Six out of ten competing films are produced and co-produced in France. They include the film April and the Extraordinary World inspired by the world of the renowned French comics artist Jacques Tardi, then movies Phantom Boy and Long Way North – films representing typical graphically refined style of French animation. Another film included in our competition is Anca Darmian’s collage docudrama Magic Mountain. Two of the competition films take place during the World War I.:Cafard and Adama. Czech animation is represented by Jan Bubeníček and his film Murderous Tales. And last but not least, a representative of Japanese anime, a film by Mamoru Hosoda The Boy and the Beast.

17|02 news


Short and Student films competitions include classics of world animation


Our short films competition includes in total 34 films offering the best of the world of animation from last year. Our selection boasts such names as Adam Elliot, Igor Kovalyov, Marcell Jankovics, Georges Schwizgebel, the renowned French duo Alain Gagnol & Jean-Loup Felicioli, Priit Tender or Kaspar Jancis. The selection will also screen two films from the famous Canadian agency National Film Board of Canada. Also Czech authors have been selected to compete – Sunrise by Vít Pancíř will have its world premiere in Třeboň and the competition will also include Lucie Sunková’s The Tree, made with a very demanding paint-on-glass technique. Another three blocks are formed by student films which serve as a proof that schools all around the world are breeding grounds for talents producing varied and inventive films so professional that they could to some extent compete with our short films competition entries. 

17|02 news


Non-narrative competition is going to be more expansive

retro future

A proof of the quality of non-narrative films is that this year, there will be two showcases focusing on this category. Our non-narrative animation category traditionally offers space to works using tempo and rhythm as means of expression, often transforming into visual music. Also the popularity of a classic film stock and techniques such as scratching into its surface is still high. Among our competition entries are famous filmmakers such as Paul Bush, Mirai Mizue, Max Hattler, Theodor Ushev and Nikki Schuster who was included in our last year’s street animation showcase. 

17|02 news


Legendary musicians using animation


Keith Richards, The Prodigy, Jana Kirschner and David Gilmour –those are just some of the artists who used all-powerful animation in visualising their music. The music videos competition selection offers a wide range of music styles and graphic designs. This is, of course, reflected by the included genres – we will move from fantastic abstract images to complicated and dynamic realistic stories. 

05|02 news


VAF application deadline EXTENDED to 15 February!!!


There is still time to submit your animated project to the Visegrad Animation Forum 2016. The application deadline has been extended to 15 February 2016Login here to complete and submit your short film, TV series or TV specials today! 

More information about the rules here.

Submission has to be done electronically via vp.eventival.eu/anifilm/2016



05|01 news


Don’t Forget to Submit Your Films to Anifilm!

last cfe 2016


The deadline is approaching. Don’t leave it to the last minute and fill in the on-line form vp.eventival.eu/anifilm/2016 today.

You can choose from the following categories:

International Competition of Feature Films for Grown-Ups/ Children

International Competition of Short Films

International Competition of Student Films

International Competition of Music Videos

International Competition of Non-Narrative, Experimental and Boundary Forms of Animation.


The deadline is set to 15th January 2016, the submission is free of charge and the winners will get financial rewards.

We are looking forward to your submissions!