Festival Passes for Visitors

Festival Passes for Visitors

The Festival Pass grants access to the entire programme of Anifilm 2022.
Before purchasing Festival Pass, each visitor must meet the valid conditions for visiting a cultural event.


We offer VISITOR or VISITOR BASIC Festival passes for the public


VISITOR Festival Pass grants you:

  • 4 free tickets to 4 screenings every day – limited by the capacity of the screening hall
  • Free admission to a screening without a ticket – 5 minutes before the start of the screening provided there are free seats
  • Free admission to Industry Programme in Grandhotelu Zlatý Lev – 5 minutes before the start of the screening provided there are free seats
  • Free admission to selected accompanying events and concerts
  • Free admission to the Game Zone and Brainz VR Cinema
  • The 3-day Festival Pass entitles you to buy the festival catalogue for a discounted price of 50 CZK
  • The Full-Time Festival Pass comes with a free festival catalogue
  • All festival passes come with a free programme brochure


VISITOR BASIC Festival Pass,
valid for the entire duration of the festival, grants you:

  • Free admission to programme, which will take place at the Liberec Chateau (Game Zone and VR Cinema, exhibitions, animation workshops) and for free screenings.
  • For paid screenings there is a ticket to this Festival Pass for CZK 100. You can only buy tickets at the festival box offices. Tickets for the VISITOR BASIC accreditation cannot be purchased through the festival application.
  • Purchase the VISITOR BASIC accreditation, do not leave it to the last minute, buy it at least 30 minutes before the start of a specific programme.


Online pre-sale of VISITOR or VISITOR KID Festival Pass to 8th May 2022
Online pre-sale of VISITOR BASIC Festival Pass from 1st April to 8th May 2022

You can easily register and purchase our festival passes at our festival database HERE. Once you are registered, order the festival pass and pay it immediatelly online.
You will receive a confirmation email and your festival pass can be collected only in the Festival Centre in Liberec during the festival.

How to register and purchase the festival pass online:
You can submit a request for the festival pass on the Visitor page of our database hereIf you don’t have an account in our database, we encourage to create one by clicking the button “Register” and filling up a simple form. The account will remain valid for the upcoming festival editions in future.

Once you are registered, you will be redirected to the Home page where you can subsequently order the festival pass.
More information on: akreditace@anifilm.cz


VISITOR, VISITOR KID or VISITOR BASIC Festival Pass during the festival

The festival passes can be bought during the festival, from 10th to 15th May 2022, at all festival venues, the passes can be paid by card or cash.


VISITOR Festival Pass for 1 day 12
VISITOR Festival Pass for 1 day discounted* 8€
VISITOR Festival Pass for 3 days 32€
VISITOR Festival Pass for 3 days discounted* 18€
VISITOR Festival Pass for full-time 48€
VISITOR Festival Pass full-time discounted* 24€
VISITOR KID** Festival Pass for 1 day 6€
VISITOR KID** Festival Pass for 3 days 16€
VISITOR KID** Festival Pass for full-time 24€
VISITOR Basic Festival Pass

* Discount is offered to students, seniors and people with disabilities upon presenting a valid ID entitling its holder to a discount (student ID, ISIC card etc.). Discounted Festival Pass can only be purchased on site at the Festival Center.
** Children's festival passes are intended for children of up to 12 years of age and cannot be used to see films for adults. Films suitable for children for whom this festival pass can be used are marked in the programme.