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Panorama of Contemporary TV Animation

TV Panorama: Gruffalo

různí / various | United Kingdom, Germany | 54 min | CS | 3+

Two stories based on popular children’s books by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler take us to a deep forest where a squirrel mom tells the stories to her restless children. In the first one we meet a mouse looking for a hazelnut. On its quest to find the nut, it will have to prove considerable courage when confronted by a fox, an owl and a snake. The mouse tricks and scares the predators with a story about the Gruffalo, a scary monster, whom it is supposed to meet in the forest. But what a surprise it is when the mouse indeed meets the Gruffalo face to face! The Gruffallo’s daughter cannot sleep and even though her father forbade it, she sets out into the snowy wilderness to find a fearsome mouse her father was telling her about. On her way, she also meets the locals. But the nightmarish mouse is nowhere to be found. Or does it look different than in her father’s story? The Czech version of this rhymed story is narrated by Lucie Kušnírová, Valerie Zawadská and Libor Terš.

The Gruffalo
Directed by Jakob Schuh, Max Lang, UK/GER, 2009, 27 min

The Gruffalo’s Child
Directed by Johannes Weiland, Uwe Heidschötter, UK/GER, 2011, 27 min

TV Panorama: Gruffalo

Tu 01/05/2018
Roháč - ČT Hall

Sa 05/05/2018
Zlatá Hvězda

TV Panorama: Wakfu

France | 2008 | 69 min | CS

The world of orphan Yugo is full of a mysterious energy called
wakfu. Yugo’s origin is full of secrets too. An enigmatic dragon
elder has left him in the hands of good-hearted Alibert and said
that when Yugo discovers his powers, he will go and look for
his roots. And such time has come. But when your patron is a
dragon, you can be sure that your journey is not going to be a
bed of roses. But luckily, Yugo is not alone. He finds friends in the
old bounty hunter Ruel Stroud, curious Princess Amalia Sheran
Sharm, her protector Evangelyna and the boastful Sir Percedal
of Sadlygrove. Their nemesis is the twisted time-lord Nox who
disturbs the wakfu energy balance.
The Ankama Animation studio based their series on an MMORPG
game of the same name, but the characters and the story are of
their own design. The story inventively draws inspiration from
Japanese anime, the western fantasy tradition and the eastern
duality of positive and negative energy and contains a strong
environmental message.

The Child from the Mist
Ruel‘s Bag
Created by Tot (Anthony Roux)
Directed by Tot, Oliver Güss Thulliez, Fafah Togora, FR, 2008, 23 min
TV Panorama: Wakfu

Tu 01/05/2018
Roháč - ČT Hall

Th 03/05/2018
Roháč - ČT Hall

TV Panorama: Revolting Rhymes

Jakob Schuh, Jan Lachauer | United Kingdom | 58 min | 6+

Perhaps the stories of the Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood ended up differently. Perhaps there wasn’t only one wolf. And perhaps they all knew each other. In the case of Revolting Rhymes, this is all true. We find both our heroines in a big city. Given the fact that the films are based on books by Roald Dahl (illustrated by Quentin Blake), we can be sure that the stories will contain some lessons to learn, quirky humour and a dose of eeriness that can be found in the original stories. This modern adaptation deepens the relationships of the characters and the rhymed narrative helps to keep the story of the friendship between the two aforementioned fairy-tale heroines playful and captivating. In the second part, they are joined by Jack and the beanstalk and their neighbour Cinderella. Little Red Riding Hood’s children are told their stories by none other than the Wolf itself dressed as a babysitter. How will their stories end? And will the children survive the Wolf’s bedtime stories? Revolting Rhymes Part One earned the Magic Light Pictures studio an Oscar nomination like The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom. The Czech version is narrated by Andrea Elsnerová and Klára Šumanová. 
Revolting Rhymes Part One
Directed by Jan Lachauer, Jakob Schuh, UK, 2016, 29 min

Revolting Rhymes Part Two
Directed by Jan Lachauer, Jakob Schuh, UK, 2016, 29 min
TV Panorama: Revolting Rhymes

We 02/05/2018
Roháč - ČT Hall

Th 03/05/2018
Jindřichův Hradec - zámek

Sa 05/05/2018
Zlatá Hvězda

TV panorama: Adult Swim presents I

různí / various | United States | 68 min

The evening programme block Adult Swim was born in 2001
and since then has become a leading overseas producer of top
original animated series. As the name suggests, its production
officially targets adult audiences and unofficially party animals and stoners who turn the programme on when they get
home late at night. Despite the over-abundance of hard-boiled
humour, formal eccentricity and surreal style, Adult Swim to
certain extent stays true to its roots on the children’s channel
Cartoon Network. In the midst of a number of its titles, we
can see a reflection of absurd schemes and phantasmagorical
premises of production for children – predominantly shows from
the 80s which today’s Adult Swim authors grew up watching.
Their currently most popular hit series
Rick and Morty presents
a cynical take on
Back to the Future. The Claymation series Moral
takes naïve exemplary good guy live-action series and turns
them into a self-indulgent extreme.
Mike Tyson Mysteries and
Black Dynamite
– The Animated Series use a curved mirror to mix
the psychedelic heritage of the mystery team series
with the phenomenon of animated series where real celebrities
and fictitious icons of adult pop-culture tried to morally lecture
children such as
Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos and Rambo: The
Force of Freedom
TV panorama: Adult Swim presents I

We 02/05/2018
free seats: 70
Světozor Cinema

Fr 04/05/2018
free seats: 224
J. K. Tyl Theatre

TV panorama: Serials X-Rated

různí / various | United States | 67 min

Anifilm visitors don’t need to be lectured on the fallaciousness
of the conviction that animation means production for children, but we need to emphasise that this block presenting top
American night-time animated shows produced mainly by Adult
Swim, should not be seen by children. It could easily happen
that the children would be charmed into improper adoration of
the godless ideals of the lives of metalheads, that they would
like the improprieties that washed-up stars of animated series
for children indulge in, or, worst of all, that they would beg their
parents to get them a loyal Satan-worshipping dog. Shock-proof
grown-up audiences able to deal with some obscene allusions,
emptied guts and moronic phantasmagoria can appreciate the
variety of used animation techniques.
Drawn Together is built
around combining characters created using different styles and
Superjail! and King Star King will leave you breathless
with their fanatically fluid animation bringing to life chaotic
drawing reminiscent of doodles from the edges of your notepads
made during lectures or meetings.
TV panorama: Serials X-Rated

We 02/05/2018
free seats: 202
J. K. Tyl Theatre

Fr 04/05/2018
Světozor Cinema

TV Panorama: Tom and the Slice of Bread... & Molly Monster

různí / various | Germany | 60 min | CS | 3+

Both series build unique worlds of characters that are easily
accessible by young audiences. Sensitively, but deliberately, the
authors emphasize emotions that children deal with.
Tom’s everyday wish is to have a big slice of bread with strawberry jam and honey. But it is not easy to get. And even when he
asks the miller and the bees waiting for their queen, no one has
any bread for him or is not willing to give it to him. He also gets
ridiculed for his wish. But we eventually find out that his wish is
not stupid, ridiculous or unattainable. The repeating pattern of
the story always brings a surprising conclusion.
The adventures of Molly Monster are set in a world built after careful consideration of psychological findings about development
of children in the early years – these children are also the series’
target group. Molly is a young dragon whom her parents shower
with love as much as each other. That enables her to trust in the
world that surrounds her, explore it fearlessly and feel joy.

Tom & das Erdbeermarmeladebrot mit Honig/Tom and the Slice of Bread with Strawberry Jam and Honey

Tom and the Strawberry Mouse
Tired out Tom
Tom and the Poor Little Girl
Tom´s Mum
Tom and The Miller´s Pig
Tom Without Glasses

Created by Andreas Hykade, DE, 2003, 6x5 min

Molly Monster

New Shoes
I’m So Sad
Ballet Anyone
Open up
A Box Full of Surprises
Hot Breath

Created by Ted Sieger
Directed by Ted Sieger, Michael Ekblad, DE, SWE, CH, 2009, 6x5 min
TV Panorama: Tom and the Slice of Bread... & Molly Monster

Th 03/05/2018
Roháč - ČT Hall

Su 06/05/2018
Roháč - ČT Hall

TV Panorama: Clangers

Mole Hill, Chris Tichborne | United Kingdom | 2015 | 66 min | CS | 3+

It was 1969 when British television first showed footage of a
newly discovered species. Clangers look like pink mice, communicate by means of melodic whistling and live deep underground
– but on a different planet. They share their planet with other
remarkable creatures such as tiny Glow Buzzers and huge Sky
Moos. We will also meet the benign Soup Dragon who cooks
soup in soup wells, her child Baby Soup Dragon and the Iron
Chick. The adventures of the Clangers are peaceful and amiable.
In 2015, the BBC broadcast their new adventures in which the
late Oliver Postgate (the original screenwriter and narrator) was
replaced by Monty Python’s Michael Palin. The authors remained
faithful to stop-motion animation and, like 40 years ago, the
artistic design was supervised by Peter Firmin.

Baby Soup Dragon
Small‘s New Star
The Singing Asteroid
Major‘s Meteor
Metal Bug

Created by Peter Firmin a Oliver Postgate
Directed by Mole Hill, Chris Tichborne, UK, 2015, 11 min
TV Panorama: Clangers

Th 03/05/2018
Roháč - ČT Hall

Su 06/05/2018
Roháč - ČT Hall

TV Panorama: Villains and Superheroes

různí / various | 59 min

Instead of saving the world from destruction, he rather spends all
the allocated mission funds on alcohol, stylish clothes and high-
-class prostitutes. Meet Archer, the James Bond of FX Television’s
immensely popular series with 9 seasons made so far.

In the eyes of many people, an astronaut can be a superhero, too.
Especially if he has to fight a treacherous melon. The pilot episode
of the prepared series
Black Holes is certainly promising – and not
only because of its excellent 3D animation and stylization.

Axe Cop series brilliantly reflects its origins. It was a hit webcomic series created by brothers Malachai (age 5 when the series
began) and Ethan Nicolle (age 29 when the series began). The
animated adaptation of the webcomic about a gruff and tough
policeman-superhero recreates the style of the original. It is set in a
relatively ordinary world and deals with nonsensical plots and bad
guys only a child’s imagination can come up with.

The Man-Woman Case series retraces the true story of Eugene
Falleni, the first transgender murderer in recent history. Married as
a man, he will be incarcerated as a woman. Apart from its unusual
story, the series is characteristic for its elaborate fluid animation.
If you ever called a film or a series “stoner,” you should definitely
compare it with
Major Lazer. The green-leaf superhero will take you
for a ride you will never forget!
TV Panorama: Villains and Superheroes

Th 03/05/2018
free seats: 70
Puppet Theatre

Sa 05/05/2018
free seats: 235
J. K. Tyl Theatre

TV Panorama: Michel

Dewi Noiry, Pauline Pinson, Ivan Rabbiosi | France | 2012 | 66 min | CS

Michel has loving parents who don’t care what he looks like and
don’t adhere to conventions regarding who should bake, cook
and do the chores around the house. Michel also doesn’t shy
away from the kids at his school. He could easily have four eyes
and be green and furry! And he is! And unlike other children,
he commutes to school on the step of a dustcart and instead
of candy, he swallows careless pigeons. Michel is therefore an
ideal character for the youngest children to identify with, but
his humorous and almost Dadaistic stories will appeal to older
audiences too. Each episode focuses on ordinary human interactions and connects them with humorous nonsensical details. It
puts emphasis on children’s world and its heroes who can often
surprise grown-ups. This playful animated series is based on the
stories by popular French children’s books author Marie-Aude

The Blubber Blaster
The Hamster
Michel the Magician
The Wrong Truck
Highway Hens

Created by Dewi Noiry, Pauline Pinson, Ivan Rabbiosi
Directed by Dewi Noiry, Pauline Pinson, Ivan Rabbiosi, FR, 2012, 11 min
TV Panorama: Michel

Th 03/05/2018
Roháč - ČT Hall

Sa 05/05/2018
Zlatá Hvězda

TV Panorama: Adult Swim presents II

různí / various | United States | 80 min

The original production made for Cartoon Network’s night-time
identity Adult Swim is appealing mainly thanks to its vulgar
humour and crazy hyperbola of various schemes and tropes of
modern audio-visual pop-culture, in particular its marginalized
parts. But there is unjustly little attention paid to how its authors
work with various animation techniques and to what artistic
means and expressions they use them. One of Adult Swim’s celebrities, illustrator, humorist and composer Brad Neely acquired
cult following with his wet delirium of a university professor
China, IL. He used the newly found popularity to create
a purely nonsensical and Dadaistic sketch comedy show
Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin’ Sclopio Peepio. Apart from unbound 2D animation and drawing bringing the most bizarre scenes and characters
to life as in the absurd American pseudo-reality recycling The
Jellies!, Adult Swim also gives space to other techniques. Beside
the isolated take on 3D models in
Luci, the Daughter of the Devil,
huge popularity was won by stop-motion series
Frankenhole and
the parody sketch show
Robot Chicken.
TV Panorama: Adult Swim presents II

Th 03/05/2018
free seats: 221
J. K. Tyl Theatre

Sa 05/05/2018
free seats: 44
Puppet Theatre

TV Panorama: F for Family

různí / various | 60 min

Bob‘s Burgers is an American sitcom in which Fox Television
returns to the observation of an ordinary American family like
King of the Hill. But this family is ordinary only at first glance…
The sitcom’s main protagonist Bob runs a restaurant with his wife
and three kids. The family has ambitious plans, but their inability
to serve the guests and run their business properly often turns
their efforts into a mini apocalypse…
The Cartoon Network‘s series
Secret Mountain Fort Awesome
stars a deranged family of five disgustoids. These five strange
creatures live in an underground mountain, and each episode is
filled with their whacky adventures. The expressive visual style
of the series was created by Peter Browngard who worked on
series such as
Futurama and Adventure Time. The characters were
designed by Robert R. Cory.
Along with Michael Price, popular American stand-up comedian
Bill Burr created the Netflix series
F Is for Family, which is another
variation on a typical American family. This series takes place in
the 70s and even though it uses vulgar humour, it is not detached from reality and deals with real-life problems. Follow the
Murphy family back to the 1970s, when kids roamed wild, beer
flowed freely and nothing came between a man and his TV set.
TV Panorama: F for Family

Th 03/05/2018
free seats: 91
Světozor Cinema

Sa 05/05/2018
free seats: 221
J. K. Tyl Theatre

TV Panorama: Stick Man and Room on the Broom

různí / various | 58 min | CS | 3+

The cat of the main protagonist of the first story is not very
thrilled by its mistress’ good nature. Its mistress may be a witch
but her good heart won’t let her be merciless towards the heartbreaking fates of animals they meet on their journey.
A dog, a bird and a frog thus become their fellow travellers on
the witches’ broom, which starts to get cramped. If only the
witch wasn’t so careless and stopped dropping all her stuff including her wand and hat, they would have never met any of these
burdens! But on the other hand, they would have had more
trouble with a huge and apparently hungry dragon…
Also Stick Man, the hero of the other story, gets into trouble.
One day, a local dog picks him to be his toy and Stick Man’s life is
suddenly turned upside down. He unwillingly visits a swan’s nest
and a sandy beach and even becomes a baseball bat for a while.
Will he make it home to his family before Christmas? Both films
boast excellent 3D animation and kind narration by Michal Jagelka and Radka Stupková based on the books by Julia Donaldson.

Room on the Broom
Directed by Jan Lachauer, Max Lang, UK, 2012, 25 min

Stick Man
Directed by Jeroen Jaspaert, Daniel Snaddon, UK, 2015, 27 min
TV Panorama: Stick Man and Room on the Broom

Fr 04/05/2018
Roháč - ČT Hall

Su 06/05/2018
Roháč - ČT Hall

TV Panorama: The Websters

Katarína Kerekesová | Slovakia, Poland | 2017 | 84 min | SK | 8+

There is a tiny world inside the world of humans, and just like
ours, this one is also made of stories. Its threads, however, are
woven by a spider family. The Websters live on the top floor,
in cosy cocoons hanging in an elevator shaft. Their stories will
show you how strong and resilient spider thread is, but most of
all, they will show you the real strength of the merry family this
thread binds together.

Loom the Room
The School Monster
The Loveliest Pet
Shopping Mania
Hero Daddy
The Cabriolet
Relaxing Stay

Directed by Katarína Kerekešová Designer Katarína Kerekešová
Screenplay Zuzana Dzurindová, Zuzana Križková, Henrieta Mičkovicová, Peter Nagy, Juraj Rayman, Anna Vášová Music Lucia Chutkova, Andrej Hruška, Branči Kovač, Marek Piacek, Erika Reindlová, Martin Šrámek Produced by Slovenská televízia, SK, 2017, 13 x 11 min
TV Panorama: The Websters

Fr 04/05/2018
Roháč - ČT Hall

Su 06/05/2018
Roháč - ČT Hall

TV Panorama: The Ugly Americans

různí / various | United States | 67 min | EN | CS titulky

The series Ugly Americans is set in an alternate reality New York.
Social worker Mark from the Department of Integration helps all
new residents from the real world and the fantasy realm to adapt
to life in a big city. When he’s not dealing with the problems of
wizards, vampires and other creatures, he has to sort out his own
life. His zombie roommate, wizard boss and demonic girlfriend
are certainly not making it any easier.

Party Legends combines live action with animation. It airs on
Viceland TV, which operates under the creative direction of Spike
Jonze. The show has American celebrities narrate crazy, often
drug-induced, true stories of things that happened to them at

Meet BoJack Horseman, a horse and a lauded star of a popular
1990s sitcom. Twenty years later, the washed-up star has become
an ultimate sourpuss, has withdrawn from public life, and is a general nuisance to his surroundings. Since it first aired on Netflix in
2014, this animated black comedy drama has become immensely
popular. While
BoJack Horseman may take a satirical look at current events, politics, and show business, the show is lauded for
its realistic take on dealing with depression and self-destructive
behaviour. In the screened episode, BoJack winds up at his grandparents’ dilapidated home and we get to meet his ancestors
and find out how his mother lived when she was young.
TV Panorama: The Ugly Americans

Fr 04/05/2018
free seats: 65
Puppet Theatre

Su 06/05/2018
free seats: 241
J. K. Tyl Theatre