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Max Hattler

Masterclass / Max Hattler

90 min | EN

Animated Worlds Between Visual Music and Abstract Narratives

A well-known figure on the experimental animation scene, Max Hattler works on the edges between abstraction and representation, where meaning is freed from the constraints of traditional storytelling. Spanning short films, visual music, music videos, video installations and audiovisual performances, his works explore microcosms, moments and atmospheres: close-ups as reflections on the bigger picture; aesthetics as reflections on politics. In this masterclass, Hattler presents some of his works and the ideas behind them, offering an insight into his way of working.
As part of the accompanying programme of the Anifilm festival, he will also be presenting his retrospective and a stereoscopic audiovisual performance Hattlerizer 4.D.

Masterclass / Max Hattler

We 8/5/2019
Schwarzenberg Hall

Jury Programme: Hattlerizer 4.D

60 min

As part of the Jury Programme, Max Hattler will present Hattlerizer 4.D, the latest version of his live audio-visual performance practice, which for the fi rst time incorporates stereoscopic vision and optical sound, supported by Lux Prima’s music track. Using custom-built software, Hattler expresses an abstract audio-visual terrain in which hard-edged geometries and supple organic forms proliferate, interact, and wane. Aesthetics of metric shapes and colours coalesce with optical feedback recursions to engross the audience with virtual realms that range from the soft, nebulous, and celestial, to the frenetic, psychedelic, and dissonant. Paying homage to infl uences ranging from improvisational jazz to avant-garde animation and VJ culture, Hattler plays his audio-visual instrument in an ad lib manner, resulting in a radiant spectacle that is at once arresting, rapturous, and starkly original.

Jury Programme: Hattlerizer 4.D

Fr 10/5/2019
Světozor Cinema