Zdenka Deitchová, the indispensable sister in tricks

20 | 02

Anifilm’s Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 will be presented to Zdenka Deitchová. As an animator and subsequently producer, she worked for the Bratři v triku (meaning both “Brothers in tricks” and “in t-shirts”) studios for decades. She started working there the year it was founded (in 1945) and she retired in 2006. Thanks to her passion, diligence and resilience throughout her career, she helped to create hundreds of animated films both for cinemas and television - often very important. Such as Why Unesco (Proč UNESCO), Munro, Bartakiada, Giants (Obři), A Lot (Úděl) or series like Little Mole (Krtek), Tom & Jerry, Popeye the Sailor, Nudnik. By awarding Zdenka Deitchová, Anifilm would like to not only acknowledge a person of importance, but also to draw attention to the often unjustly ignored profession which is nevertheless crucial for animated films.