Who Will be on This Year’s Anifilm Jury?

04 | 06

The jury of this year’s Competition of Computer games consists of game developer Barbora Podhorská from Circus Atos, known for her game Under Leaves, winner of the Best Visual at the Czech Game of the Year 2017 Awards. Her colleague, French animator, comic book artist and currently also a game developer Cedric Babouche puts a strong emphasis on games’ visual art and in Dordogne, the game he is currently developing, he uses watercolour paintings. The last juror represents the world of ‘big’ games and it’s Petr Motejzík, art director of Hangar 13.
The best VR projects, music videos and abstract and non-narrative animations will be picked by Lucie Jančová, AR and VR designer who worked for U+ and Brainz Immerzive. She also worked with virtual reality as an assistant of the Studio of Graphic Design and Visual Communication and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Vojtěch Domlátil is a pedagogue, independent graphic artist and director of non-narrative films such as Waves and Retired, whose work regularly and successfully competes at festivals all around the world. Musician and graphic artist Milan Cais is known primarily as the drummer of Tata Bojs, but his artistic and audio-visual work is represented in several collections around the world and is regularly exhibited here as well as aborad.
Three renowned and acclaimed directors will pick the best student and short films. They are Kate Jessop from Britain, who promotes activism in animation and is known for her comedic series Tales from Pussy Willow. She also teaches at the University of Brighton. Her presence at Anifilm ties in with our programme of Queer Animation she helped to curate. From France, we will welcome Japanese director Momoko Seto, known for her Planet series in which she explores fantastic hidden worlds. And, as you may have guessed, Seto’s presence ties in with the festival’s theme Planet A. The Czech Republic will be represented by one of the most acclaimed directors of the new generation, Alexandra Májová, whose last film Washing Machine won an award at last year’s Anifilm.
And last but not least, the jury for the Competition of Feature Films consist of successful producer and director Petr Oukropec who just finished his second feature film Martin and the Magical Forest, but as a producer, he works on many other projects – for instance Michaela Pavlátová’s feature debut My Sunny MaadIvana Laučíková from Slovakia also oscillates between the role of director and producer, let us mention her animated film The Last Bus which achieved international success, as a historian of animated film and long-term organiser of the Slovenian-Polish festival StopTrik, Olga Bobrowska is the right woman to complement the two aforementioned jurors.