Where to eat and drink at Anifilm?

09 | 05

Festival refreshment is available at three locations in Třeboň: Anifilm Café at the Festival Accreditation Centre; Seladonovo bistro on the square adjacent to the castle; and Maringotka – a pop-up bar and crêpe stand in the castle’s park – which serves Bavarian hot-dogs in the evenings. Expect a lip-smacking assault on your taste buds wherever you choose to go! Wraps, sandwiches, quesadillas, crêpes (including a gluten-free option), home-made kolaches and all kinds of spreads, soups, beer, cocktails, lemonades, ice tea, great coffee and more, including vegetarian options.

Anifilm comes of age. But you will be the ones to get a present: 18% discount on coffee and tea or ice tea at Anifilm Café at the Accreditation Centre upon presenting your accreditation.