Tips for Wednesday

Tips for Wednesday

11 | 05

Eastern Promises: Ukraine

North Bohemian Museum - 15:30

Even before the war in Ukraine started, the festival planned to introduce a new section titled Eastern Promises. Towards the end of February, its organizers made the logical decision to focus on contemporary Ukrainian films this year as in the past seven years or so, Ukrainian filmmakers have been increasingly often appearing in the selections of prestigious festivals and also making names for themselves online.


Looney Tunes – Variations & Influences

Kino Varšava - 19:00

We could hardly have a film festival focused on humour in animation and not include classic American cartoons. This curated selection of films from the 1930s–1950s is a great pick for this evening. Especially for those of our visitors who enjoy classic cartoon gags. The screening block also features animated cartoons whose authors were influenced by the phenomenal Looney Tunes series.


Fairy-Tale Parodies

North Bohemian Museum - 20:00

Fairy-tale parodies are a peculiar breed of animated films. Whether simply funny, dark, ironic, bloody, or naughty, whether a variation on Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, or Snow White, these films are pretty much always characterised by a distinctive kind of humour. And that is especially true for the films that we will be screening tonight in the North the North Bohemian Museum.