Tips for Thursday

Tips for Thursday

24 | 06

Alchemical Furnace - 13.00, Grandhotel Zlatý lev

This unique, atypical, and nearly two-hour documentary will take its viewers on a tour of the creative processes applied by world-renowned filmmaker Jan Švankmajer. The film masterfully uncovers and captures the creative processes that ferment in the Athanor film company like in a medieval alchemical furnace. This lively, imaginative, and playful situational film was shot during the production of Švankmajer’s feature film Insects.

Wolfwalkers - 14.00, Lidové sady – Czech TV Hall

Wolfwalkers is a highly anticipated new feature film by the renowned Irish studio Cartoon Saloon and its similarly renowned filmmakers. Like their previous charming, award-winning, and Oscar-nominated feature Song of the Sea, Wolfwalkers is a thrilling, suspenseful, and magical adventure set in a bygone time of myths and magic.

Pom Poko -18.00, Grandhotel Zlatý lev

This cult film by the legendary Japanese Studio Ghibli has been so far overlooked by Czech film distributors, but with its environmental message, the 1994 layered anime film by Isao Takahata, which tells the story of a nursery of raccoons fighting to save their territory, is perhaps more relevant today as the world faces an environmental crisis than ever before.