Tips for Saturday

Tips for Saturday

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The Triplets of Belleville - 10.00 Varšava Cinema

This peculiar story of a Tour de France champion and old Madame Souza, who has been taking care of him ever since he was a child, has become a cult classic. Sylvain Chomet created a truly unique film with almost no dialogues but a sophisticated score and sound, in which the French mafia gets involved in the world’s biggest cycling event.

Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs - 13.00 Lidové sady

Films competing in the International Competition are always worth checking out, and this atypical, pleasantly unconventional, and visually original film for the whole family is no exception. The film was made by none other than renowned Latvian director Edmunds Jansons, whose short films, characterised by absurd humour, have been screened and awarded at festivals all over the world.

The Nightmare Before Christmas - 16.30 Lidové sady – Czech TV Hall

Even today, this famous 1992 musical still entertains and frightens kids and adults all over the world. The wild imagination of the authors of this thrilling feature film was inspired by an original poem written by Tim Burton, who picked Henry Selick to direct its animated adaptation. Nevertheless, the film is also known as Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.