The Visual Identity of this year’s Anifilm stars clay

06 | 02

The visual identity of the upcoming edition of Anifilm was created by animators Eliška and Lee Oz from Oz Animation.“Thanks to clay, we discovered a style of animation which gives us a chance to have real fun. The focus of this year’s Anifilm will be films with environmental themes and we would like to address that in the festival jingle. We don’t want to be too didactic and so we’re looking to find a perfect balance between humour and a message. How else could we describe it without revealing too much? We will play with clay and eventually, it will move. We’ll have a shot and we’ll get to it,” says the Moravian-Israeli animator duo. Eliška and Lee Oz began their professional careers in 2016 and have been focusing on stop-motion, classical and 2D vector animation. And according to their own words, they enjoy every second of their work. Many of you already know their work thanks to Anifilm. Last year, they won the Anifilm Award for Best Czech Music Video