Programme tips on Thursday

Programme tips on Thursday

08 | 10

Jan Werich's Fimfarum -  14.30 - Lidové sady / Sál ČT

Fimfárum is an anthology film composed of five not-so-fairy-tales but rather moralities on human vices. Directed by Vlasta Pospíšilová and Aurel Klimt, these five stories connected by Werich’s voice create a compact film. It has been nearly twenty years since the premiere of this film. It has slowly left its place in modern Czech cinema, acquired a status of Czech classic and has now been restored and digitalised.

Oskar’s Legacy: Filmmaker Influenced by Fischinger - 14.30 Varšava Cinema

Over the past decades, numerous prominent filmmakers have been inspired by Fischinger’s exploration of the relationship between animation and music. These filmmakers employ a wide range of styles in their films: from hand-drawn animation on paper to direct painting on film to digital visualisations and algorithms. The selection was curated by Cindy Keefer of the Center for Visual Music.

Son of the White Mare - 17.00 Grandhotel Zlatý lev

Thirty years after its premiere, this breath-taking feature film by the legendary Hungarian director Marcell Jankovics returns to the big screen in a digitally restored version. Don’t miss this opportunity to see this mythological tale in vibrant colours and experience first-hand as Jankovics assaults the senses of the viewers with a pulsating colourful spectacle and fiercely uses his incredibly sweeping style of vivid animation lavish with numerous metamorphoses.

Pink Floyd: The Wall 19:00 TUL - Aula G

This suggestive musical film combining live-action scenes with phenomenal animated sequences ranks among the all-time film classics. Based on the 1979 Pink Floyd album of the same name and a script by Roger Waters, the film was directed by Alan Parker, who significantly altered Waters’ original concept. The film’s main hero is a solitary rock star named Pink, who is locked in his hotel room before a concert.

Animated Musicals 1 - 
19.30 Cinema City – Hall 5

Special screening blocks related to this year’s theme of Anifilm – Hear Animation – include selections of animated musicals. You can watch the first medley (of two) of singing and dancing puppets, cut-outs, and drawings tonight in Hall 5 of Cinema City. The selection covers a wide variety of genres including fairy-tale, parody, emancipated, dramatic, and even absurd musicals.