Programme tips on Saturday

Programme tips on Saturday

11 | 05

Masterclass: Georges Schwizgebel
Schwarzenberg Hall, 11.30  

Georges Schwizgebel is currently probably the best-known Swiss director of animated films. His films are captivating, poetic, and artistically refined. You can learn about how he makes his films using the demanding technique of oil paint-on-glass animation at his masterclass today.


Overview of Works by Jaromír Plachý
Schwarzenberg Hall, 15.00  

In recent years, Jaromír Plachý has won renown as an author of artistic computer games. You have probably at least heard about Botanicula and Chuchel, but Jaromír’s body of work is much more extensive and diverse as you can find out today at the screening of his “overview” – besides auteur films characterised by a peculiar kind of humour, he has also made various music videos and jingles.


Autobiography of a Liar
Puppet Theatre, 20.30

This film was made by a total of 14 different animation studios. Its authors used a variety of animation techniques to portray key chapters of Graham Chapman’s life, who was one of the founding members of Monty Python. This wacky film, which uncontrollably oscillates between an animated documentary and a mockumentary, is based on Chapman’s book.