Program tips on Wednesday

Program tips on Wednesday

07 | 10

Fritzi: A Revolutionary Tale - 11.00 Lidové sady

An extraordinary film for the whole family that is both fun and educational. With a refined artistic style it tells the story of a brave young heroine and her thrilling adventure that takes place against the backdrop of actual historical events of 1989.

Aunt Hilda! - 13.00 Lidové sady

Aunt Hilda! is a fun and colourful French feature film for the whole family. Its heroine – a quirky character and an avid plant enthusiast – gets caught up in a thrilling adventure that will decide the fate of the entire planet at stake! The film is intended for children of ages 8 and up and includes a message about environmental protection.

Son of the White Mare - 19.00 TUL – Aula G

Thirty years after its premiere, this breath-taking feature film by the legendary Hungarian director Marcell Jankovics returns to the big screen in a digitally restored version. Don’t miss this opportunity to see this mythological tale in vibrant colours and experience first-hand as Jankovics assaults the senses of the viewers with a pulsating colourful spectacle and fiercely uses his incredibly sweeping style of vivid animation lavish with numerous metamorphoses.