Program tips on Wednesday

Program tips on Wednesday

08 | 05

Animated Mockumentary
Puppet Theatre, 10.00

The main theme of this year’s Anifilm is animated documentary or anidoc. But what does the similar-sounding word “mockumentary” mean? A mockumentary is a pseudo-documentary film that deals with a fictitious topic or event, often in a humorous or curious way. A typical characteristic of a mockumentary is that it plays with viewers’ expectations.

Jury Programme: Georges Schwizgebel
Aurora, 17.30

Georges Schwizgebel is currently probably the best-known Swiss director of animated films. Today, you’ll have an opportunity to see his short films made with a unique, visually captivating technique – oil paint-on-glass animation. These poetic and artistically refined films have been screened at festivals all around the world.


Long Way North
Roháč, 16.30

Long Way North is a feature film for families with older kids. Nevertheless, even grownups are sure to enjoy its chilling story set in the Tsarist Russia. The film features a charming visual style, meticulous animation, and a gripping story about a young emancipated noblewoman who sets out to search for a wrecked ship.