Program tips on Thursday

Program tips on Thursday

09 | 05

Short Anidocs 
Světozor Cinema, 19.00

Besides a collection of feature-length anidocs, Annegret Richter has also compiled several curator’s selections of short films for Anifilm. Today, you can check out either the “Close Up and Personal” screening block that starts at 10.00 in the Puppet Theatre or the “People are People” block that starts at 19.00 in the Světozor Cinema, or both if you feel like it. The latter is a collection of animated documentaries about how people deal with difficult circumstances and situations they encounter in their lives. 

Tomek Ducki: Masterclass
Schwarzenberg Hall, 13.30

Tomek Ducki is currently one of the most progressive authors of animated music videos. He uses a mix of a variety of techniques and unusual compositions, colour combinations, and artistic devices. If you wonder how his music videos are made, you can find out today at Tomek’s masterclass. And in the evening, starting at 21.00, we will be screening Tomek’s music videos along with his short auteur films in the Světozor Cinema.

Swamps of Bohemia
Světozor Cinema, 00.00 

For the first time ever in the history of Anifilm, we have dedicated one of the midnight screening blocks exclusively to new Czech animated films. This was possible due to last year’s remarkably bountiful harvest of provocative and weird films – many of them made at film schools. These satirical pieces full of black, absurd and in some cases probably inside jokes make up an excellent collection of genuine animated curiosities.