Music Videos + Abstract and Non-narrative Animation

17 | 02

Fans of these increasingly progressive categories can look forward to two blocks of competing music videos and two blocks of abstract and non-narrative animations. Anifilm has chosen 22 music videos and 23 non-narrative films once again representing various artistic styles and approaches. There are classic experiments working with the aesthetics of film stock as well as complicated CGI films. The competitions include filmmakers known to Anifilm visitors from previous years (e.g. Réka Bucsi and Caibei Cai, who won an Animorpha in 2019) and also fresh faces. Czech filmmakers in the category of Abstract and Non-narrative Animation are represented by Viktorie Štěpánová, Kamila Müllerová, Tan Lui Chan and Veronika Chocenská, in the category of Music Videos it’s Eliška & Lee Oz, Tomáš Hájek and Miroslav Frič.