Liberec Chateau to Host Exhibitions

03 | 10

Apart from films, the Anifilm visitors should not miss out on the festival’s exhibition programme concentrated in the festival centre at the chateau. You will find puppets and decorations from the films A Colourful DreamDaughter and other puppet films from the project Three Voices. Julie Lupačová’s audio-visual installation Vlnění is exactly in line with the festival’s theme. The chateau foyer will be infected by the famous virus of (not only) Czech animation Jan Čařík, whose comic strips moved with Anifilm from Třeboň. Initiative Domased helps with battling the real virus. You can find the initiative in the chateau’s Red Wing along with posters for events Prasení and Sós (both will be held at Anifilm). All three are spontaneous activities which prove that the local scene is alive, and its community awareness has strengthened. The exhibition list would not be complete without creative interventions by regional subjects. Popular science and entertainment centre iQLANDIA has got its own space in the chateau as well the glass and crystal manufacturer Preciosa who are as of this year making the festival award Animorpha. Last but not least, Ivo Lauda and his students from the Faculty of Arts and Architecture of the Technical University in Liberec will present the results of their study of the future of augmented reality in graphic arts and exhibitions in their exhibition Fragmenty.