Industry programme

Industry programme

17 | 04

As one of the industry programme highlights, there are going to be several masterclasses by the most of the festival’s jurors: Mirai Mizue will talk about his award-winning short films and upcoming feature debut. Gregorios Kythreotis will introduce world and coming-of-age story of his beautiful indie game Sable. Animator Kim Keukeleire and post-production supervisor Fabrice Faivre will guide festival professionals through the labyrinth of stop-motion animation. 

Following the Czech Horizon award announcement at the Opening Ceremony as well as the first ever Czech Horizon Grant pitching the Council of Animated Film will hold its annual meeting reflecting on the pitches as well as on the policy of the Czech animation industry nowadays.

In addition to the traditional exhibition part, Creatoola Animarket, the largest local animation networking event that Anifilm organizes together with the Association of Czech Animation Film (ASAF) and its platform Creatoola, will be this year accompanied by series of short talks and case studies including All Quiet on the West Front visual effects focus or introduction of ALFONS Pose Editor, new unique Czech tool combining stop-motion with 3D CGI animation.

Some of the game industry events will take place directly in the Game zone at the Chateau this year – Gaming Session with Authors: Sable, Someday You'll Return, Afterglitch, as well as student gaming session (pLevel) and the MAPA (Massive Anifilm Playtesting Arena) project, in which not only game development students can test their school games.

Within the framework of the Animation Festival Network (AFN), of which is Anifilm proud founding member since 2020, there are going to be held several activities including the GoCritic! training programme for emerging film journalists and critics tutored by Dana Linssen, an experienced Dutch critic. The workshop is organized by AFN in partnership with Cineuropa and Zippy Frames, where the articles will be published.