Exhibition Czech Animation After '89 PROLONGED TILL 15 SEPTEMBER

10 | 07

Czech Animation After '89, exhibtion taking place in Dům Štěpánka Netolického gallery will be due to success open till 15 September 2019. Exhibition, prepared by Anifilm International Festival of Animated Films in collaboration with the Aleš South Bohemian Gallery, maps the last 30 years of Czech – free – animation. After the revolutionary year 1989, a new era began in Czech cinema. And animation naturally went through a difficult period when production and distribution environment radically changed. But it also brought new creative possibilities and successes.

AnimaCZe after 89 is the first exhibition recapitulating the last three decades in detail. It recounts the modern milestones of our animation in the form of feature films, successful television series and in particular short and student films. Apart from giving a comprehensive reflection, the exhibition aims to relativise the generally acknowledged notion of “the end of the golden era” and the claim that Czech animation hasn’t achieved any success during the last thirty years.

Soon exhibition catalogue will be released also. For news about the catalogue please check our website or Facebook page.