Anifilm’s Visual Identity Designed by Mihalyiová+Štumpf

20 | 11

The visual identity of Anifilm 2020 will be created by Slovak duo Michaela Mihalyiová and Dávid Štumpf. You may know Michaela’s unmistakeable artistic style from her successful short films and exercises ♥ City ♥, FOOD, Here and Here (Tu a tady) and A Date (Rande). She attracted attention with her film Sh_t Happens which she co-directed with Dávid Štumpf. This absurd comedy competed at this year’s Biennale in Venice and celebrated success at festivals all around the world. In the case of Anifilm, Michaela will once again join forces with Dávid – known for his acclaimed films Cowboyland (Země kovbojů) and  Woo-Hoo – and together, they will create the festival’s new visual identity.
Their explanation says it all: “Anifilm is moving to a new city and we all are moving with it! That’s why we decided to create a visual style as colourful and joyful as it gets - to make the process of moving more enjoyable. We will introduce various odd and peculiar characters that will help us move. As for the jingle, we can now say that it will be full of music, dance and animation as the festival itself. It will be funky!”