Anifilm Invites you to Have a Laugh!

03 | 04

You will have plenty of chances! Even the very first animated films made fun of their own protagonists, and as you will have a chance to see for yourselves in this year’s programme focusing on humour in animation, this medium has evolved from short gags and wacky slapsticks (even though it was in these slapsticks where several generations of viewers first saw the unforgettable Looney Tunes characters which ANIFILM also included in this year’s programme!) Animation knows no bounds and has facilitated the development of many genres and sub-genres. Some of them are defined by showcases of crazy gags, others such as satire and parody are full of subversive and political jokes. A specific combination of comedy and gloom spawned animated tragicomedies and morbid, black and saucy humour characterises many pieces for shockproof audiences. This year’s Anifilm in Liberec has it all!
You can look forward to a wide range of animated features and shorts screened in thematic blocks. This year’s programme includes proven classics by studios such as Aardman Animation, National Film Board and DreamWorks, a crazy feature version of A Town Called Panic, the bittersweet story of Mary and Max and some nutty Estonian humour. You will witness the encounter of Bambi and Godzilla, learn English in a quirky language school, Joanna Quinn will make you reconsider visiting your friends’ wedding and you will experience biting satire by Ilja Novák, 'the rebel from Ostrava.' This year’s theme Animation & Humour will naturally be reflected in the composition of our guests, juries, industry programme and programme for children. We’re looking forward to seeing you!