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To Your Last Death

Jason Axinn | United States | 2019 | 93 min | EN | CS sub

One of the “delicacies” of our midnight screenings is the feature debut of American director Jason Axinn, author of many short films and commissions. He enters the field of feature films with a film that skilfully balances between sci-fi, gangster film, horror movie and computer game while still managing to parody them all. Troubled but earnest Miriam DeKalb runs a non-profit which promotes global peace initiatives. This is in reaction to her estranged father – billionaire sociopath war profiteer and all-around sick bastard Cyrus DeKalb. When he learns he is dying, Cyrus calls Miriam and her three siblings together, ostensibly to discuss his will. However, what he actually has planned is to pronounce judgment on them all. They are, in his view, traitors, and he has elaborate death traps planned for each of them. Miriam barely survives. Her brothers and sister are not so lucky. Unbeknownst to them, a race of intergalactic gamblers, who wager on human conflicts as bloody sport, have chosen Miriam as the subject for their next game. Will the heroine live to see the closing credits? The author uses graphical screen division and exaggerated caricature to stylise his characters.

The film is screened with supporting film…

Th 8/10/2020
free seats: 74
Varšava Cinema


Jorge Campusano, Jose Ignacio Navarro, Santiago O’Ryan | Chile | 2019 | 85 min | EN | CS sub

It seems that the world won’t ever be what it used to be – a showcase of consumerist egoists blinded by the teachings of the capitalist gods of the free market, stock exchange and shopping as the only appropriate way of spending free time. All virtual money has mysteriously disappeared (that is, it was stolen) and the society built on inequality, materialism and the accumulation of capital is threatened. The question is not what the averagely rich people in big cities will do, but rather how will Raúl, the hero of this hard-boiled satirical film, and his crew of “homeless by conviction” face this new world (dis)order. Until now, they lived on a rubbish dump as outcasts spat out by the system. But without a superficial society oriented on exhilarating experiences, they can hardly be different, unusual and proudly homeless! Their mission is clear – the system needs to be put back in place. By God’s providence, they will not have to take on this task alone. A dirty river washes up a helper in the form of a millionaire’s son whose biggest dream is to renounce his wealth and live like Raúl. Will they succeed in reinstating the coveted rule of money and corporations? And who is actually responsible for the disappearance of all the financial resources? Pray, for the end is nigher than nigh. 


Fr 9/10/2020
free seats: 67
Varšava Cinema

Old Man – The Movie

Mikk Mägi, Oskar Lehemaa | Estonia | 2019 | 88 min | ET | CS, EN sub

An old dairy farmer was betrayed by his cow. She allegedly didn’t want to get milked and so it was no wonder she burst. But is the poor creature really to be blamed? Isn’t the dairy farmer the one who is a bit off? Our “old man” is his successor and we get to know him when he greets his grandchildren who have been sent to the farm for the summer. Manure, a cow and milking are sacred things for the grandpa who supplies the villagers with white gold. But city kids do not understand it at all and the cow runs away because of them, triggering a bizarre sequence of events (including, among other things, an immobile “liquid” milkman, hippies in the forest, a tree god, a bear and some robots) inadvertently leading to a lactocalypse. This puppet parody on horror films offers everything except an idyllic holiday at grandpa’s in the Estonian countryside. The extent of disgustingness and absurdity gradually increases with the amount of the milked cow milk splattering all over the place. Luckily (in grandpa’s case, hopefully not the viewers’), it is neutralised by a considerable amount of vodka. With their agro-dirty opus, the authors follow up on their previous short online sketches starring the film’s protagonist. Apart from a great many humorous situations, the film boasts a technical brilliance with which the author created the setting and also the stop-motion animation.

Sa 10/10/2020
free seats: 62
Varšava Cinema