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Tomek Ducki

Masterclass / Tomek Ducki

90 min | EN

For several years now, Tomek Ducki has been one of the most distinctive creators of animated music videos. His unmistakable style is characterized by the blending of different animation techniques, visually mesmerizing colour combinations and hidden stories. The Hungary-born director, who now lives in Poland, will explain how he makes his music videos. Are they products of meticulous preparation or unbridled creativity? How were the award-winning music videos for Paradise Awaits, Daydreamer, Man in the Moon, Animals, and other songs made? So far, the author has let on that “they are all made within a short time and with big pressure, so my little team and me needed to be creative with concepts, visuals, and technique, and they each have different inspirations.” The lecture will be followed by a Q&A session.

Masterclass / Tomek Ducki

Th 9/5/2019
Schwarzenberg Hall