Tips for Thursday

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Tips for Thursday

Live soundtrack - 7:30 p.m., J. K. Tyl Theatre

This year’s Anifilm has something very special in store for its visitors. They can look forward to a special screening of the cult Czech-French allegorical film Fantastic Planet made in Jiří Trnka’s studios in Prague. Its live soundtrack will be performed by Aid Kid who will be joined by the electronic music producer Tomáš Havlen, cellist Terezie Kovalová, and pianist Jiří Libanský.



Zoetrope to die for -  9:30 p.m., J. K. Tyl Theatre

Few of the prehistoric and pre-film animation techniques have recently experienced such comeback as the zoetrope. Contemporary authors are bringing this 5,000 year old system back by using 3D printers and LP records. Today, you will have a chance to watch a special selection of films animated using the zoetrope, food, and in some cases a combination of both.



Animated films in development - 3:00 p.m., Schwarzenberg Hall

What animated feature films are currently in development in Central Europe and how far are they? We went through the most interesting projects and picked The Insects by Jan Švankmajer, presented by his producer Jaromír Kallista, Harvie and the Magic Museum by the director and producer Martin Kotík, The Meaning and Mystery of Life by Petr Vachler, the Polish project Squeek by Robert Jaszczurowsky and Łukasz Kacprowicz, and finally the Austrian film The Paperman by Johannes Schiehsl. You can learn more about these intriguing projects today at the Works in Progress event.