Festival Pass

VISITOR – Festival Pass for Visitors

VISITOR Festival Pass grants you:

  • 4 free tickets to 4 screenings every day – limited by the capacity of the screening hall
  • Free admission to a screening without a ticket – 5 minutes before the start of the screening only on free seats
  • Free admission for selected accompanying events and concerts
  • Free admission to Game and VR zone
  • A 3-day Festival Pass entitles you to buy the festival catalogue for a discounted price of 50 CZK
  • A Full-time Festival pass comes with a free festival catalogue
  • All festival passes come with a free programme brochure


Registration and VISITOR Festival Passes 

Online pre-sale of VISITOR Full-time Festival Pass 

  • for a discounted price of 600 CZK until 31st January 2020

  • for a discounted price of 800 CZK until 31st March 2020

You can easily register and purchase our festival passes for a discounted price at our festival database HERE. Once you are registered, order the festival pass and pay it immediatelly online.
You will receive a confirmation email and your festival pass can be collected in the Festival Centre in Liberec during the festival.

How to register and purchase the festival pass online:
You can submit a request for the festival pass on the Visitor page of our database hereIf you don’t have an account in our database, we encourage to create one by clicking the button “Register” and filling up a simple form. The account will remain valid for the upcoming festival editions in future.
Once you are registered, you will be redirected to the Home page where you can subsequently order the festival pass.
More information on: akreditace@anifilm.cz


  • VISITOR Festival Pass during the festival

The festival passes can be bought during the festival, from 5th to 10th May 2020, only in the Festival Centre, the passes can be paid by card or cash.


Price list

VISITOR Festival pass for 1 day 300 CZK / 12
VISITOR Festival pass for 1 day discounted* 200 CZK / 8
VISITOR Festival pass for 3 days  700 CZK / 28
VISITOR Festival pass for 3 days discounted* 450 CZK / 18
VISITOR Festival pass for full-time  1000 CZK / 40
VISITOR Festival pass full-time discounted* 600 CZK / 24
VISITOR KID** Festival pass for 1 day 150 CZK / 6
VISITOR KID** Festival pass for 3 days  350 CZK / 14
VISITOR KID** Festival pass for full-time  500 CZK / 20

* Discount is offered to students, seniors and handicapped people upon presenting a valid ID entitling its holder to a discount (student ID, ISIC card etc.)

** Children's accreditations are intended for children to 12 years old, do not allow adult films to enter. Movies suitable for children for which this accreditation can be used are marked in the program.




Festival Pass owners:
With a Festival Pass, you need to make reservation for individual screenings via the festival app or collect the tickets at the ticket offices.

Tickets can be booked or picked up for the current day and the following day.
There is only one ticket per event per accreditation.
With the Visitor Kid accreditation you can pick up tickets only for screenings suitable for children.

Without a festival pass:
You can buy individual tickets also without a festival pass. The tickets are sold for 100 CZK each. If you have a valid ticket and will not appear 5 minutes before the start of the screening at the latest, your place may be taken. 

  • Tickets for concerts can be bought for 100 CZK.
  • The festival catalogue is sold for 150 CZK in the Festival Centre.
  • The festival programme is sold for 10 CZK in the Festival Centre.

By purchasing an accreditation or a ticket, the buyer agrees to the Business terms and conditions.