Festival Winners


International Competition of Animated Feature Films for Grown-ups

Jury members: Stéphane Aubier, Pavla Janoušková Kubečková, Mihai Mitrică

Louise by the Shore

(Louise en hiver)

Director, screenplay, art designer: Jean-François Laguionie
France, Canada, 2016, 75 min
studio: JPL Films

Jury statement:
A film that creates a realistic and fantastic atmosphere, makes us travel throught the memories of the main character and then realize that solitude could be a way of rediscovering oneself.

Special Mention of Jury

My Entire High School Sinking into the Sea

Director, screenplay, art designer: Dash Shaw
USA, 2016, 77 min
studio: Washington Square Films, Electric Chinoland, Low Spark Films

Jury statement:
Special mention goes to a film that plunged us into a catastrophic but funny story using a simple animation technique.


International Competition of Animated Feature Films for Children

Jury members: Stéphane Aubier, Pavla Janoušková Kubečková, Mihai Mitrică 

My Life as a Zucchini

(Ma Vie de Courgette) 

Director, art designer: Claude Barras
Screenplay: Celine Sciamma
Switzerland, France, 2016, 66 min
Studios: Gebeka Films, Rita Productions, KNM, Blue Spirit Productions

Jury statement:
We gave this award to a film that tells a strong story that deals with a difficult topic in a sesitive but not sentimental way using special character design of the puppets and a fresh approach to a stop-motion film.


International Competition of Short films

Jury members: Chiara Magri, Lucie Sunková, Juan Pablo Zaramella



Director, screenplay, art designer: Alberto Vázquez
Francie, Španělsko, 2016, 11 min 12 sec
Studios: UniKo, Autour De Minuit

Jury statement:
For creating a hopeless imaginary world that reflects our stubborn denial of reality with sarcastic humor.

Special Mention of Jury



Director, screenplay, art designer: David Dell’Edera
Hungary, 2016, 6 min 18 sec
Studio: Umbrella Studio Budapest, Budapest Metropolitan University

Jury statement:
For the ability to offer a primal catharsis within the monotony of life in a community.


International Competition of Student films

Jury members: Chiara Magri, Lucie Sunková, Juan Pablo Zaramella 




Director, screenplay, art designer: Renata Gasiorowska
Polska, 2016, 8 min 22 sec
School: Polish National Film School in Łódź 

Jury statement:
For a perfect touch of metaphorical humor and self-irony in approaching a so called taboo subject.


Special Mention of Jury

Fruits of Clouds

(Plody mraků

Director: Kateřina Karhánková
Art designer: Alžběta Skálová
Czech Republic, 2017, 10 min
School: FAMU

Jury statement:
A very well made and charming film that brings back tradition to our times and encourages viewers to be curious and overcome their fears. 


International competition of abstract and non-narrative animation

Jury members: Magda Guidi, Sylva Poláková, Miloš Tomić



Director, screenplay, art designer: Boris Labbé
France, Spain, 2016, 8 min
Producer: Heidi Hörsturz 

Jury statement:

The award goes to this film for an exciting and adventurous experience of an enigmatic piece of no man’s land.
A fascinating use of computer simulation that tells a story of Earth’s matter, organic and alive, and its development since its birth. Accompanied by an interesting study of sound.


Special Mention of Jury


Director, screenplay, art designer: Urte Zintler
Germany, 2016, 5 min
Producer: Federfisch Animation 

Jury statement:
Special mention goes to the film Vacancy by the director Urte Zintler for her ability to convey deep and powerful emotions of Hilde Domin’s poems which is not usual in short experimental films.


International Competition of Musicvideos

Jury members: Magda Guidi, Sylva Poláková, Miloš Tomić

 Uri Nakayama: Spring Time-Old Man 

(Uri Nakayama: 青春おじいさん

Director, screenplay, art designer: Hoji Tsuchiya
Japany, Germany, 2016, 2 min 41 sec
Producer: Hoji Tsuchiya 

Jury statement:

Even if this clip immediately attacks with 100% of its visual weapons (so it seems that there is no planned dramaturgy), this pop-art, childish, Bosch-like universe is so rich and imaginative that one viewing is just an invitation to watch it all over again.
The amount of delicate and detailed work that went into this video reminded us of the construction of an ant hill.
So earnestly are we delighted that we would do the same, only if we could!


Special Mention of Jury


The Avalanches: Subways

Director, screenplay, art designer: Mrzyk & Moriceau
France, 2016, 3 min 50 sec +
Prodicer: Division

Jury statement:

A music video that is funny, sexy, groovy, surprising and hilarious.
Imagine Lewis Carroll in an underground comics.
Except for a few cheaper erotic jokes, this psychedelic music video is witty, hypnotic and seducing.
So much neither we could resist it!


International Competition of Independent Computer Games

Jury members: Michael Frei, Jakub Dvorský, Pavel Barák 

Best Artwork


studio Playdead, Denmark, 2016 

Jury statement:
Inside is a masterfully crafted interplay of sound, image, movement and game design. Its atmospheric story grips the player from beginning to end. Flawless yet unsettling.

Best game for kids and teenagers

Hidden Folks 

Adriaan de Jongh, Netherlands, 2017 

Jury statement:
Hidden Folks need to be found. The simple black and white aesthetics are charming and fun. It is as joyful as it sounds.