28|04 news

Festival Passes... How and where to get them?

The festival passes are sold exclusively in the festival centre in the House of Animation at the Masaryk Square 20, Třeboň from 3rd to 7th May, 8:30 to 20:00. The prices of the festival passes range from 150 to 500 CZK, discounted passes are offered upon presenting a valid ID entitling its holder to a discount (students, seniors, disabled). With the festival pass, you need to pick up your tickets for individual screenings in the ticket office of the J.K.Tyl Theatre – only for screenings of the given and the following day. The ticket office opening hours are between 3rd and 7th May 2016 from 8:30 to 20:00 and on Sunday 8th May from 8:30 to 11:00. The festival pass entitles its holder to four tickets to four individual screenings per day. You can buy individual tickets also without a festival pass – each ticket is 50 CZK. Some programmes offer free admission (e.g. midnight animation, open-air screenings at the Masaryk Square, screenings for children in the Roháč – ČT Hall, some programmes and workshops in the House of Animation etc.)