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And the winners are... A happy end to Anifilm

And the winners are... A happy end to Anifilm

Yesterday at the festival’s closing ceremony, we learned who was awarded by our international juries. The feature film category was judged by Jan Pístecký, Nourredin Zarrinkelk and Javier Mariscal. The award for the best film for grown-ups went to Anomalisa (Duke Johnson and Charlie Kaufman). The jurors commented on their choice as follows: “A very unique film with a tone seldom expressed in animation. It tells its story with stylized, yet disturbingly realistic technique.” Special mention in this category went to the rotoscoped film Cafard. This year’s best feature film for children is the French-Belgian Phantom Boy. Special mention went to another French film Adama, which takes place during WWI.

Short and student films were judged by Rosto, Jan Pinkava and Chintis Lundgren. Best short film was again awarded to a French film – Peripheria by David Coquard-Dassault. The jury considers it “a masterful portrayal of abandonment. With each irresistible image the atmosphere grows more and more tense and the narrative almost seems to move forward on its own. Perfect.”

To the delight of Czech animators, the award for the best student film went to Happy End by Jan Saska. “This film knows what it wants and how to get it. Its surprising and adventurous storytelling combined with a clever sense of humour had us enjoying the film almost as much as it enjoys itself,” commented the jurors. Special mention was awarded to the Croatian film Wolf Games.

The remaining categories were judged by Vera Neubauer, Ondřej Švadlena and Carolina López. The best music video award went to the The Eye of the Storm, and the award for the best film in the abstract and non-narrative category was awarded to Absent. And last but not least, the best Czech film of the festival was chosen by the festivalgoers themselves, who decided to give the award to the puppet-animated Deep in Moss.

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