Here is a list of films selected for 3 competition categories of the International Festival of Animated films ANIFILM, Třeboň 2012. We would like to thank all the authors who have submitted films for the competition and we are looking forward to seeing you in Třeboň.


Films for grown-ups

Crulic – The Path to beyond directed by Anca Daman Romania, Poland
Alois Nebel directed by Tomáš Luňák Czech Republic
The Rabbi´s Cat directed by Antoine Delesvaux France
George, The Hedgehog directed by W. Wawszczyk,
J. Tarkowski, T. L. Lesniak Poland
Tatsumi directed by Eric Khoo Singapour

Films for children

Tales of the Night, directed by Michel Ocelot France
Legends of Valhalla – THOR directed by Thor Óskar Jónasson Island
Lotte and the Moonstrone secret directed by Pöldma, Janno Estonia
The Great Bear directed by Esben Toft Jacobsen Denmark
The Painting directed by Jean-François Laguionie Belgium, France



Captain Hu directed by Basil Vogt  | Switzerland
Moxie | directed by Stephen Irwin | Great Britain
Body Memory | directed by Ülo Pikkov | Estonia
Romance | directed by Georges Schwizgebel | Canada
The last norwegian troll  | directed by Pjotr Sapegin | Norway
Loom | directed by Brunck, Jan Bitzer, Csaba Letay | Germany
The first time I discovered the meaning of my tail! | directed by Bruno Silva | France, Portugal
Belly | directed by Julia Pott | Great Britain
Having a ball | directed by David Barlow-Krelina | Canada
Metachaos | directed by Alessandro Bavari | Italy
Nomads | directed by Tom Senior | Great Britain
Posledný Autobus | directed by Martin Snopek, Ivana Laučíková | Slovakia


The Good the Beauty and Truth | directed by Balbina Bruszewska | Poland
Triangle | directed by Grace Nayoon Rhee | USA
Dust and glitter | directed by Michaela Čopíková | Slovakia
Flamingo Pride  | directed by Tomer Esher | Germany
1/2 | directed by Kate Haase | Germany
A shadow of the blue | directed by Carlos Lascano | France, Spain
Účetní a víla | directed by Michal Žabka | Czech Republic
The Making of Longbird | directed by Will Anderson  | Great Britain


Anyone for tennis? | directed by Monne Lindstrom | Sweden
Blue Whale | directed by Sivan Kidron | Israel
One by one! | directed by Marili Toome, Piret Sigus, Malle Valli | Estonia
Sleepincord | directed by Marta Pajek | Poland
Kuhina | directed by Joni Männistö | Finland
The Great Rabbit | directed by Atsushi Wada | Japan
The Wine | directed by Krzysztof  Szafraniec | Poland
Big House | directed by Kristian Holm | Estonia
The Tongueling | directed by Elli Vuorinen | Finland
Oh willy | directed by Emma De Swaef | Belgium, France, Netherland


Life is life directed by Martin Brož VOŠ a SUŠ Václava Hollara
Nedokáže si říct dost directed by Soňa Jelínková FAMU
Láska na prvý pohĺad directed by Veronika Kocurová VŠMU
Avoidance directed by Radim Jurda VŠUP
Matka directed by Kateřina Bartošová FAMU
Failure directed by Jan Drozda VŠUP
Romeo a Julie directed by Hana Kotlářová UTB Zlín
Evoluce sexu ve vesmíru directed by Aleš Koudela Inventura o.s.
Happy End directed by Jan Saska VOŠF Zlín
Já, kyborg directed by Prokop Wilhelm FAMU
Případ directed by Jan Živocký UTB Zlín
Bylo nebylo directed by Eva Gargašová Ostravská univerzita
Brumlík a Animuk directed by Jan Bohuslav FAMU

In vino veritas directed by Aneta Kýrová Žabková FAMU
Blízký přítel directed by Pavel Soukup VŠUP
Terra Nulius directed by Martina Frajštáková VŠMU
Kdo se bojí, nesmí do lesa directed by Martina Chwistková FAMU
MI directed by Vojtěch Domlátil VŠUP
Nevinnost directed by Jana Kristýna Nováčková FAMU
Srdcová dáma directed by Dita Krčová UTB Zlín
Úlovek directed by Marek Berger FAMU
Recycled directed by Tomáš Bezděčka UTB Zlín
Výhled directed by Milan Ondruch VOŠF Zlín
Nesejdeš z cesty directed by Veronika Szemlová UTB Zlín
Mechanic Opa directed by Jakub Kouřil FAMU
Simple directed by Stanislav Sekala FAMU